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NYE and Chill(y)

So, new plan: next time I’m debating warmth vs. cuteness, I will choose warmth. 100 percent of the time, every time.

I ended up being pretty pleased with my outfit, although I bitterly missed my sequins. But, if it had not been for my friend’s wisdom in bringing hand warmers, which I put inside my boots, I would have been MISERABLE, and probably writing this short a few toes.  Seriously.

Fortunately, most of the other people there had also learned this lesson.  While we did see the occasional 21 year old girl in a short skirt with no tights, for the most part, everyone was very practical in their attire, and no one would have cared had I been bundled up like a snowman.

So, here’s what I chose:

1 - NYE leather and blanket scarf

Again, not as cute in the photo as in real life, in part because you can’t see the details on my jacket.  But, it’s a pretty lavender leather with an asymmetrical ruffle, and underneath I wore a short-sleeve gray sweatshirt.  All of it coordinated well with my new blanket scarf (okay, I learned that a true blanket scarf is a square, so this is actually just a giant, thick, fake-wool rectangle scarf), and my small-floral patterned jeans. Underneath, I wore knee-high socks, with my tall boots.  Oh, and gloves not pictured.  Yet, still I froze.

All in all, it was a fun evening – I always like concerts and being in downtown Nashville.  But, I think for the sake of my appendages and sequins, I’ll go to an indoor party next year.

I hope all of you had a lovely NYE, full of sequins or at least warm enough weather to keep all of your toes. Show me what you ended up wearing – I’ll take notes for next year!

What to Wear: NYE Edition

Y’all…I need help.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which over the past few years has become one of my favorite holidays – in large part because of the sequins.  This year will be my first NYE in Nashville, so I want to do it big!

The biggest party in Nashville is the downtown block party, which this year features Kings of Leon (honestly, I thought their last song was circa 2008, but whatever), Chris Stapleton, Kelsea Ballerini, and others.  The whole street is blocked off, they drop a giant music note (of course), and it’s basically Nashville’s version of the Times Square celebration. So, it’ll likely be wonderful mass chaos.

I’m excited about it, but, predictably, after two weeks of unseasonably warm weather, tomorrow night will be in the mid 20s.  Even crammed together with 1000s of your closest friends, that’s still cold.  Plus, I’ll be standing for hours.

So, what do I wear?  Of course I still want to look cute, and if we go inside anywhere afterwards, I need to have something that looks good under my coat.  But, I feel like I need to be more practical than the sequin skirt, stilettos, and sleeveless top I wanted to wear…

What do you suggest? Has anyone ever gone to an outdoor/cold NYE block party before?  Suggestions?  I’m thinking one of those cute knit headband/ear warmer things (I have one with sequins, so that’s perfect), but beyond that, I’m stumped.

Hurry – we’ve got 24 hours to decide!

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