I know I promised it months ago, but guys, I finally made a hair tutorial on my curling technique!  Of course, because it’s me, I have to give a few disclaimers first:

1) I have no idea how to combine these two clips.  Sorry you have to click play twice.

2) The first one is a little long.  But we’re all iced in, anyway, right?  What else do you have to do for the next 7 minutes?

3) The curls in my second video are really not a great representation – they’re kinda loose and sloppy, especially in the back.  But, don’t blame the technique; it’s my fault for doing a hurried job this morning (I was late to work), but being too impatient to get this tutorial up to wait until the next time I was iced in to remake the second part of this video.  Here’s a picture of what they normally look like:

wpid-0117152056.jpg(Also, Nashville, I miss you!)

With those caveats in mind, may I present to you, the Pinterest no-heat curl thing by Sarah Beth!

Part 1: The Wrapping

And because I did promise you a picture after I’d slept on it. These photos are not retouched in any way – y’all, it does not move!
wpid-wp-1424134641411.jpegAnd Part 2: The Unwrapping

And that’s all there is to it!  What do you think?  Something you would try?  Do it, and send me your pictures!  Can’t wait to see them!