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Onefer Tuesday: Army Pink

Guys, I’m running a little low on outfits to show you.  I guess when you don’t shower each day until about 4, and then just put on clothes to meet your bestie for dinner, there’s not a huge incentive to pick out something really cute.  Plus, all my photography space is currently taken over by boxes.

I should be good for a little while longer, but I want to set the expectations up front that Two-fer Tuesdays might be suspended for a bit, starting now.

I really liked this outfit.  I think it evolved from the boot socks – I bought a zillion of them a couple weeks ago at Target, but I realized once I got them home I’m not totally sure how to wear them.  The tall ones are easier, though (there aren’t a whole lot of options), and I like the tan with the army green.  Of course, to show them off properly, I had to wear a skirt (I suppose REALLY skinny jeans might have worked, but remember, this is me we’re talking about), and I just went from there.  I also like the contrast of the feminine details of the dress and pink accessories with the more edgy look of the boots and socks.

1 - white dress, blazer, tall bootsWhat do you think of this pseudo-professional look?  Do you like the style mixing, or do you prefer sticking with all feminine or all edgy?  Regardless, aren’t these socks the cutest?  Have you tried boot socks yet – how do you wear them?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Olives Please

Today’s prompt was “With Olives Please”.  If I was one of those cool, edgy girls, I probably would have an military drab jacket in my closet that would have been perfect for such an occasion.  I’m not one of those girls.

Instead, I had this floral maxi (same effect, right?) with some olive-green leaves on it, and one of my favorite pairs of shoes (that I’ve had for so long, they really are quite worn out/hard to walk in now, but I can’t bring myself to part with them).

Yes, technically, this is a summer dress, but I believe in the right to bare arms as long as the weather (and the occasion, Mrs. Obama) support it, and florals have become a year round print these days.  Add in a black base to keep the pattern from being too Easter-y, and you can definitely make a dress like this work well into an Indian summer (that’s probably not a politically correct term, is it?  Alternatives?)
1 - with olives pleaseDo you have much olive in your wardrobe?  What would you have worn for this prompt?  If not the color, maybe a graphic tee with a martini on it?  I could totally see that being a thing.

80 Days of Shoes: I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Y’all I’ve been super slacking lately.  I’m sorry.  I have been busy, but I think I’ve also just been a little uninspired.  That ends today.  (Mostly, because I’m really, REALLY excited to show you my Halloween costume, and I want to tease it before I do.)

So, consider that your teaser – my Halloween costume is coming next week.  For some reason, the party I’m going to is this Friday instead of Halloween night, so I get to wear it and you get to see it early.  If you’re my facebook/instagram friend (if you’re not, you should be), you probably already know who it is.  But, if not…get excited, because it’s CUTE!!

Ok, so with that out of the way, here’s another cute outfit I wore lately.  Not quite as exciting as my Halloween costume will be.  But, cute nevertheless.

First the shoes.  I love how they’re conservative on top, but still a mile high.  I’ll be office appro. when necessary, but don’t make me wear ugly shoes!

DSC_1216Then the blouse.  Peter Pan collars have been in for a couple of years, but this is my first foray.  My mom gave me this blouse – not sure where she found it, but she gave it to me with an acknowledgement that it look like an old lady’s tablecloth and maybe I could use it for a costume.

Because I liked the collar so much, I took it, anyway – and I’m so glad I did!  Old lady tablecloth, maybe, but floral patterns are also really in right now, and I actually think it’s quite cute on, especially with the sleeves rolled to give it a more modern feel.

What do you think?

1 - peter pan collar, green skirt Have a good weekend, everyone!  And if you’re dressing up for Halloween this year, please send me your costumes.  I can’t wait to see them!

High-Low, High-Low, It’ll Work for You, I Know

If there is one trend my mom just can’t understand, it’s mixing high and low styles.  Were she to see my chambray shirt and lace skirt, she was say something very mom-ish like, “Well, you look nice, but I just wouldn’t put those things together. That skirt is just so dressy.”

1 - lace skirt, chambrayShe’s not wrong; this skirt is dressy.  But, I love the high-low trend because without it, I’d never get to wear this skirt.  It would be relegated to holiday parties and afternoon bridal showers, and that would be a waste of a beautiful piece.

Also, can we talk about my hair again for a moment, please?  You all really need to try my headband trick.  It’s a miracle technique and I will swear by it til the day I die.

I’m going to a wedding this weekend, y’all, and I’ve got the best dress ever (except, you know, the one the bride will be wearing).  Can’t wait to show you!  Have a great weekend, friends – love you all!

Hot and Cold

It’s hot as blazes here in India (I’m assuming, since I’m writing this in advance), but when I wore this I was still in the US struggling through the coldest winter of my life.  Thanks for the welcome, Georgia.
I don’t think I really have anything interesting to say about this outfit.  The jacket wasn’t really supposed to be part of the look, but the blouse was just TOO blousy without it – and my arms too cold – that I kept it on.

The headband is also a Rahab’s Rope product – the girls we work with in India actually make these pretty ribbon headbands.  They’re paid per piece, and then we sell them here in the US to further fund the ministry.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Bomber jacket and white blouse

Biker Chic

I know today is Wednesday, so it should be an inspired look, but let’s not get caught up on technicalities.  I’m really just impressed with myself for blogging while I’m on the road at all.

I am planning a post in the next few days in which I show you my massive efforts at consolidation and organization on this long work trip.  Until then, I’ll be showing you some outfits I wore previously.

I LOVED this look from last week.  It’s not really a typical Sarah Beth look; a little more tough than I usually am (I say that about an outfit comprised of both a lavender ruffled jacket and a ruffled skirt).  But, the army green of the skirt (trust me, that’s what that color is), combined with the leather of the jacket, combined with the booties, gives this outfit a little edge that was a fun change from my usual cardigans (by the way…I’m getting quite tired of cardigans.  Perfectly timed for winter when I will wear them every day.).

Sometimes, fashion is the most fun when you step outside of the mold of what you usually wear.  Be bold, and join me in wearing something uncharacteristic – and then leave me a note and tell me about it!

Jacket: TJMaxx
Skirt: Old Navy
Booties: Charlotte Russe (I’m pretty sure)
Earrings: Francesca’s Boutique

What Not to Wear: Tornado Warning Edition

Yesterday, it rained. A lot. I had gambled that it was going to be one of those summer days where there is constantly threat of rain, but nothing much ever happens; I lost. 

So, in typical Sarah Beth fashion, I was very inappropriately dressed for the deluge that was yesterday’s weather.  I wore my new favorite sheer shirt (it’s so versatile – don’t judge), with a cute ruffled skirt from Old Navy, and some cloth shoes I just bought at Forever 21.  (I know I’d sworn off cheap shoes, but these were so cute and SUCH a good deal, how could I say no?)

Well, if I had never ventured outside yesterday, my outfit would have been fine.  But, I met a friend for lunch.  Lunch was beautiful.  The walks to/from my car were not.  I really wish someone had been around to film me trying to walk back into the building – I felt like I was in a sitcom.

First, my umbrella was broken (unbeknownst to me), so when I opened it, the entire top popped off, and I’m left holding the stick. I ran after it, thinking it wasn’t raining too hard and I could just walk quickly into the building.  Then the heavens opened.  So, holding the top of my umbrella, I’m trying not to get soaked, when the wind whips up, catches my umbrella, and literally whips me around the other way.  Somehow, I manage to turn back in the general direction of the building, bent over to keep the umbrella from flipping inside out, and then I realize the wind is also catching up my skirt.  So, now I have to hold the skirt down, while I’m bent over, walking against the wind, trying not to get soaked…and I stepped in a puddle – because who has time to watch for puddles in something like that!

Needless to say, my shoes were soaked through, and overall I looked a bit worse for the wear.  But, it was funny to me – one of those times you either have to laugh or cry, so I laughed, as I’m sure you would have, too, had you seen me.  So, emulate this outfit if you’d like, but make sure you check the forecast first.

(Also, please note just how cute these shoes are.  I took a close-up because I really need you to see this print.  Love.)

The Art of Distraction

Every girl needs at least one good black blazer.  It’s a perfect go-to piece, whether you throw it over a blouse for insta-professional, or pair it with skinny jeans and a sparkly top for a classy night-out look.

I went the more professional route for work the other day, combining the blazer with a ruffly skirt so I didn’t look too stuffy. 

The thing about this blazer is it makes me look a little boxy.  I almost didn’t buy it for that reason.  But then I realized it was $7.50 at H&M, and I’d get at least $7.50’s use out of it.  To distract from the boxy-ness, I put a scarf behind the lapels and tied a knot at both ends so it wasn’t too long.  The scarf was a Christmas present from my mom, and it was the perfect color to add to this otherwise neutral outfit of black, off-white, olive, and gray. 

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