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80 Days of Shoes: Throwback Thursday in Vintage

This week was the week of the pleats, apparently.  I’m glad they’re back in style – I like their feminine professional charm.

But first, these shoes.  They’re Nine West, which as we’ve discussed, are just not good shoes for my feet.  Plus, I got them from a discount shoe store, and I’m pretty sure they’re different sizes.  But, a good navy pump is hard to find, so we carry on.

DSC_0741I chose this look for Throwback Thursday because this is what my vintage skirt used to look like:

A lovely, pearl-buttoned potato sack.

However, I liked the pleats and the midi-length of the dress, and it was free (another donation from my sister’s roommate), so I decided to get it altered.  The result is below:

1 - pleated skirt, open weave sweaterI don’t really love how I styled it (or whatever face I’m making in this picture).  I think in the future, I’ll try a jacket (either denim or fitted blazer) and see if I like that better.  If I get really crazy, I might try it with a chunky sweater and boots, but the more I think about, the more that seems like something that looks great in a fashion magazine, but ridiculous in execution.

Any suggestions?  How would you style a midi pleated skirt?

80 Days of Summer: Art Deco #TBT

I bought these shoes a few years ago at DSW – because, really, where else do I buy shoes? They’re not the easiest to walk in, but they’re pink, blue, and a funky 1980s art deco, so obviously, they’re a favorite.

DSC_0477This was a pretty simple look – the shoes kinda do all the heavy lifting.  I do love my breezy open-weave sweater, though – it’s a great, versatile summer piece, perfect with a skirt for the dressed-down office or a with jeans or shorts for a day spent running errands.

1 - Coral jeans, white sweater

  • Jeans: JCrew sample sale in NYC (I’ll never get bored of saying that)
  • Shoes: DSW
  • Sweater: Old Navy

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