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Fashion on a Dime

If there is only one thing you ever learn from me regarding fashion on a budget, it is this:

“Good things come to those who wait.”

If you are the type of person who always has to have something as soon as it is available (cough, cough, iPhone 6 Plus users), then you’ll probably have to spend a lot on clothing…or have a small wardrobe.  Even shopping in cheaper, “fast fashion” stores, you’ll end up paying all $34.95 for those skinny overalls, when you could wait a few months and find them for $14.99.

One of the reasons I have so many clothes is because I’ve lived by this principle my whole life.  So, even now, when I get a gift card to Francesca’s for Christmas from my favorite brother, I hold onto it for 6 months.  I love Francesca’s, but my gift card was for $60.  Full-price, that would have given me probably an item of clothing, and maybe 1/3 a pair of earrings.  By waiting, though, I was able to get all the goodies you see below (okay, fine – I threw in $12 of my own money for the extra and tax).
Granted, I do go to the mall pretty often, so the odds of me hitting the sales are pretty good.  But, the point is that you can find everything you want for a price you can afford, if you can be disciplined to be patient.

Example 2: this awesome acid washed jacket.  I’ve been wanting a denim jacket for a while and haven’t found one I really like for a price I was willing to pay.  Until this weekend, when I went to Target, Cartwheel app with 20% off women’s clearance in hand, and I picked it up for $12!
1 - pineapple shortsThe shoes were a reasonably-priced-but-not-a-steal find from my beloved college shoe store, Becky’s.  Because they’re beautiful and I had been wanting some new wedges, anyway.

What do you think about my number one rule of budget fashion?  Do you adhere to this rule, or is patience not one of your particular virtues?  What are your thoughts about my new pretty things?  I’m glad to be back after a week on the road, so let’s talk!

Teach me how to Duggar

It will probably take me a few days to catch up on my sleep enough to blog about what I actually wore to the festival.  So, in the meantime, here are a few things I wore recently, not to a festival.

I liked this outfit, but I also really felt like a cool homeschooler.  You know – the kind that’s aware of current fashions, but still has to wear long skirts. They look pretty, but you can still always tell them apart from the public and private school kids.  Like the Duggars, for example.

To top it off, I’m even wearing fair trade paper beads that help support orphans, which seems like a very cool homeschooler thing to do. (You can buy your own here.)  The earrings, btw, are from Francesca’s – my commitment to the cause only goes so far.

Unrelated to the whole homeschool look are my shoes, which are on their very last leg (no pun intended), but I refuse to get rid of them because love them.  Honestly, they’re probably my favorite pair, so in my closet and on my feet they stay.

1 - turquoise maxi, floral blouseWhat do you think?  Would you pair the long blouse with the long skirt, or am I not passing the cool homeschooler test as well as I think I am?  Regardless, don’t you love all these colors together?  Yay, spring!!!

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