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It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas, pt. 1

Last week, I told you guys I had some surprises for this week, and I didn’t lie.  First, yesterday’s post was pretty fun, right?  (This is when you agree with me, regardless of your personal opinions).

Well, the next three days are going to be even more fun, because we’re going to Christmas parties!  And by we, I mean you so that I can live vicariously.  My social calendar in Georgia has a few more holes in it than it did in Virginia Beach, and I have no fancy parties to attend this year.  What I do have, though, is fancy dresses!  So, this past weekend, I pretended I was going to parties, planned out three totally different looks – complete with hair and make-up changes – and had a grand old time.

If you’re looking for something to wear for your parties, allow me to make some recommendations.

First up, the trendy Christmas party.  This is the party with your hipster friends, the office party if you work in marketing and the party is at a loft bar in the gentrified part of town, or any sort of holiday cocktail party (would also work for NYE).

1 - trendy party dressYou can also wear this dress to hang out with your brand snob friends and let them know it’s Kate Spade, omitting the fact that you bought it at Marshall’s for $30.

All you need for this party is a cute little mod dress with trendy booties.  Add some sparkle (because, Christmas), and you’re ready to go!

I wanted to show you my makeup too, just because I think makeup is super fun. But, capturing the colors accurately, while also not making an expression too embarrassing for public display, is not as easy as one might think.  So, this is the best we have.  I went for a mostly monochromatic look – pink eyeshadows (cream and powder), burgundy liner, and raisin (maybe more like Craisin) lipstick.  And here is the bathroom selfie:

PhotoGrid_1418175404733One party down…too more to go!

Inspired Looks: Carrie (almost)

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a little obsessed with Carrie Underwood.  In a completely non-creepy way, of course.

She’s just so lovely and her fashion taste is impeccable.  I can’t remember something she’s worn post-American Idol that I haven’t liked.  But, my favorite of all of her looks was the whimsical cotton candy dress she wore to the 2012 Billboard Awards.  It’s perfection.

For some reason, though, while I remembered loving this dress, I remembered it looking very different.  So, when I saw the dress I’m wearing below on clearance at JCP, I believed it to be a red, cocktail-length version of Carrie’s dress and just HAD to try it on.  Obviously, I was mistaken.  It’s nothing like Carrie’s dress.

I knew going in that this wasn’t one of those “made for me” dresses.  But, since I thought I would match Carrie, I had to at least try (I’m still not sure why I thought that – maybe it matches another celeb dress I’ve seen, and I just got them mixed up).   Regardless, I kinda liked it.  Yes, it’s a little loofa-ish.  But, it’s a pretty color and the twirling action of the skirt was awesome.  Alas, although the front view was tolerable, the side view was decidedly unflattering.  Without a guarantee that no one would ever approach me from any direction except straight on, I knew I wouldn’t feel very pretty or confident wearing it, so I put it back.  With great mourning.

Someday, I will achieve my goal of having a fun, poofy party dress like Carrie’s.  Today is not that day.

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