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Playful Plaid

As I’ve been going through these style challenge prompts, I’ve noticed that I have a significant imbalance in my wardrobe.  Today’s prompt was playful plaid, and I had to look pretty hard to find something – and I actually really like plaid.  Apparently, I just like polka dots and florals WAY better.  So, when those prompts swing around, I’ll be on top of it.

I liked this outfit because it was fairly simply – I mean, all black.  But, with the mixed patterns of the plaid scarf and polka dot shoes (I just can’t stay away), there was an element of the playfulness the prompt dictated, which the pleats on the bottom of my skirt only enhanced.  I really do enjoy mixing patterns, and when they are the same colors and separated by a long area (like, you know, my entire body), it’s pretty simple.

1 - playfully plaidHow about your closet?  Do you have a lot of different patterns, or do you find yourself drawn to the same types over and over like me?  Or, are you the type of person who tends to stay away from patterns in general and go for the solid color look?  What do you think about plaid and polka dots together?  Let’s chat, and have a great week, everyone!

Two-for-Tuesday on steroids

Today I thought it would be fun to do another two-for-Tuesday, mixing and matching a couple of pieces to see two completely different ways to wear an item.  But, I discovered that I’ve been wearing a lot of the same articles over and over.  So, today is actually a three-for-Tuesday.  I had hoped for this to be an infinity blog – where each outfit seamlessly transitions to the next for all eternity (or at least, the length of this post) – but there is a broken link that I would need one more outfit to fix.  Blogging goals.

First up, one of my favorite blouses from Old Navy, dressed up with a pleated skirt and jewelry courtesy of Rahab’s Rope.  I was at a work event, so whenever I do those, I try to display as much of our company’s products as possible; it’s a great sales technique (you can by these or similar pieces here).  I also just really love my plaid cherry shoes with this polka dot blouse.  Subtle print mixing at its finest.
1 - button down, pleated skirtNext, I remixed this blouse on a casual day with some Target super acid-washed jeans, and my favorite RocketDog heels (which I recently said goodbye to. Tear.)  They lived a good life. Of course, it’s not TOO casual, since I’m wearing heels and dangly earrings, but the outfit definitely has a completely different feel from the outfit above.
1 - dressed up, button downAnd lastly are my jeans recycled with a graphic tee, and given a menswear spin with my boxy blazer and oxford saddle shoes. I want to embrace this menswear trend, but I feel weird every time I do it.  Maybe I should just accept that I can’t conquer every fashion trend that comes along, no matter how hard I try.
1 - graphic tee, blazerHow do you think I did?  Three distinct looks, or would you call me out on wearing the same clothes multiple times in a week (for the record, these three outfits were not all worn in the same week).  How about menswear – do you like, love it, absolutely hate it?  What’s your favorite piece to wear over and over?

Transformation Tuesday

If it ever seems like I’m bragging about my hair…I am.  I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but I spent the first 29 years of my life having no idea what to do with it.  I’ve finally kinda figured it out, and the novelty has not yet worn off.  Here is an example of why:

wpid-wp-1410221577616.jpegOn the right, you will see my hair as a 21-year old college graduate.  Pretty dull in every sense of the word.  On the left, however, you have blonde curls.  Everything I’ve ever wanted on my head, now realized!

I also feel at liberty to brag about it because I really can’t take credit – it’s all thanks to some wonderful guru on Pinterest (link here!).  I’ll just add two things to her excellent tutorial:  1) my hair never holds curling iron curl.  Like EVER.  This is the only way, but it works like a charm.  2) it works like a charm only when my hair is almost dry before I wrap it.  Otherwise, it won’t ever thoroughly dry and the weight of my wet hair pulls out the curl.

1 - pleated skirt, turquoise necklaceAnd now…on to this outfit, which I absolutely loved.  I won’t say much about it because this post is already long, except that I chose to mix silver and gold bangles because the blouse has silver accents, but the necklace has gold.  I needed that to seem intentional.

And of course, you can find this beautiful necklace online at Rahab’s Rope – it’s one of my favorite pieces we carry. The skirt is from Francesca’s Boutiqe, and the blouse from H&M.

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