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When it rains, your pants get soaked

Today’s post is all about real life.  Because, sometimes it rains and you look like this:

1 - hobo sweater, wet jeansBedraggled hair: check.  Soaked jeans: check.  Makeup worn off because I didn’t take this picture at lunch like I usually do: check.  Slightly odd setting/angle because I don’t have a good place to take pictures inside my house: check.  (Side note: who is taking all those other fashion blogger’s pictures where they’re casually walking through the street?  Do they have personal photographers that follow them around?  Or husbands?  Or do they just set up a tripod in the middle of the street, tossing all cares to the wind?  And who is stopping traffic so they don’t get run over?  I feel like I’m missing out on all the industry secrets.)

I’m sure I’ll wear this sweater again soon and then do a cute blog post about it – because it’s a really amazing sweater.  In the meantime, let’s all have grace for ourselves, because, as my first boyfriend’s misspelled tattoo said, “C’este la vie.”

80 Days of Shoes: Throwback Thursday in Vintage

This week was the week of the pleats, apparently.  I’m glad they’re back in style – I like their feminine professional charm.

But first, these shoes.  They’re Nine West, which as we’ve discussed, are just not good shoes for my feet.  Plus, I got them from a discount shoe store, and I’m pretty sure they’re different sizes.  But, a good navy pump is hard to find, so we carry on.

DSC_0741I chose this look for Throwback Thursday because this is what my vintage skirt used to look like:

A lovely, pearl-buttoned potato sack.

However, I liked the pleats and the midi-length of the dress, and it was free (another donation from my sister’s roommate), so I decided to get it altered.  The result is below:

1 - pleated skirt, open weave sweaterI don’t really love how I styled it (or whatever face I’m making in this picture).  I think in the future, I’ll try a jacket (either denim or fitted blazer) and see if I like that better.  If I get really crazy, I might try it with a chunky sweater and boots, but the more I think about, the more that seems like something that looks great in a fashion magazine, but ridiculous in execution.

Any suggestions?  How would you style a midi pleated skirt?

Transformation Tuesday

If it ever seems like I’m bragging about my hair…I am.  I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but I spent the first 29 years of my life having no idea what to do with it.  I’ve finally kinda figured it out, and the novelty has not yet worn off.  Here is an example of why:

wpid-wp-1410221577616.jpegOn the right, you will see my hair as a 21-year old college graduate.  Pretty dull in every sense of the word.  On the left, however, you have blonde curls.  Everything I’ve ever wanted on my head, now realized!

I also feel at liberty to brag about it because I really can’t take credit – it’s all thanks to some wonderful guru on Pinterest (link here!).  I’ll just add two things to her excellent tutorial:  1) my hair never holds curling iron curl.  Like EVER.  This is the only way, but it works like a charm.  2) it works like a charm only when my hair is almost dry before I wrap it.  Otherwise, it won’t ever thoroughly dry and the weight of my wet hair pulls out the curl.

1 - pleated skirt, turquoise necklaceAnd now…on to this outfit, which I absolutely loved.  I won’t say much about it because this post is already long, except that I chose to mix silver and gold bangles because the blouse has silver accents, but the necklace has gold.  I needed that to seem intentional.

And of course, you can find this beautiful necklace online at Rahab’s Rope – it’s one of my favorite pieces we carry. The skirt is from Francesca’s Boutiqe, and the blouse from H&M.

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