Hey, it’s Tastefully Trendy Tuesday!

If any of you have been with me for the long haul, you know that I originally started Tastefully Trendy as a fashion blog (hence the name, which I explained here if you’re interested).

Over the years, I’ve added to and strayed from my original purpose – in large part because fashion blogs moved to Instagram and I was never good at photography, anyway.

But, I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of fashion – taking trends and making them your own. I love mixing and matching pieces to create entirely new looks, essentially giving me a limitless closet (although I test the actual limits of my closet regularly).

One of the many casualties of Covid, though, has been my creativity. My ambition to wear “real clothes” in quarantine lasted less than a week. But, even as things have reopened and life is largely back to normal (at least here in Tennessee), without the incentive of going to an office and seeing coworkers every day, I find myself in a fashion rut, wearing the same few pieces over and over again. I have so many clothes I’d like to wear, but I forget about them because my brain just goes to what’s most familiar.

So, I’ve started Outfit-A-Day May. For the month of May, I’m challenging myself to wear a unique outfit every single day. The only time I will allow a repeat is if I wore something for less than 6 hours – and even then, I have to wear it to a different occasion (i.e., I wore it to church; next time I have to wear it on a date).

Probably everyone is like this, but I need a fire starter to get my creative juices flowing. Once they are, though, creativity breeds creativity – and I’m excited about what looks future me may come up with.

I plan to post all of my Outfit-a-Day mirror selfies on IG, so if that’s annoying to you…sorry! It’ll be over in June (probably). But, if you’d like to stretch your creative muscles, too, please tag me in your photos so I can see your cute fits!

This also may be a great excuse to wear those things in the back of the closet you swore you would wear again; do it now, and if you love it – awesome! It’s back in the rotation. If you don’t, you can Marie Kondo it and feel good about your decision.

Here are the first two days of May’s lewks:

Home on the Range
Biker chick, but make it chic.

Looking forward to being inspired by what y’all are doing!