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Indian Summer

The days of wearing my pretty yellow dress this year are numbered.  I can add a brown cardigan or blazer and extend it’s life a little later into the fall, but not much.  Soon, it will have to be retired until next year.

So, I wanted to get one more summer wear out of it.  The weather right now is sunny and mid-70s; the kind of weather that makes me want to wear color.  I went with one of my go-to palettes – the crayon box  – and came up with the outfit you see below.  I love the electric blue and yellow combination and the white belt gives it a very crisp, polished feel.

I don’t ever really put my summer clothes away, but it still makes me sad when some of my favorites have to lie dormant for a few months.  Do you have any pieces you hate to put aside for the changing seasons?  Any you’re really excited to bring back out?

Dress and heels: JCPenney

Primary Colors

Now that Prince George is safely tucked away at the Middleton compound, we can all get back to life as we know it, focusing on other important things.  Like fashion.

You may remember this dress from a few weeks ago – I told you how I’d burned a hole in it and fixed it like any logical 12 year old might. On that day, I’d styled it with oranges and browns, feeling like a sorority girl at a Florida Gators game.

This time, I chose to wear a yellow tank under the sheer back and use yellow and red as my accent colors.  I have grown to love yellow and red together, but you do run the risk of looking like Ronald McDonald if done incorrectly.  Pairing the two colors with blue keeps that from happening, and I loved having all three primary colors represented.  They may not be complements on any color wheel, but they are in the same “family” of colors, so they work.

How would you style this dress?

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