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Goodbye, my love

Well, the news is still settling in, but I guess there is no denying it now: Tim Tebow is engaged. When I posted about this on facebook, one of my friends said, “Nothing is final until you’re dead.” And while I appreciate that sentiment, I think it’s safe to say that Tebow and I are probably not going to be a thing at this point.

A friend sent me a Babylon Bee article about both Tebow and Chris Pratt being off the market in the same week, and it hit a little too close to home with its satirical interview. “If I couldn’t land a Christian football star or an A-list Hollywood actor,” laments the single Christian girl in question, “then is there really going to be any guy out there for me? I’m just not sure there are many other choices that God would have for me.” Words I may or may not have spoken at some point. The article goes on to say that at time of publication, this girl was “googling ‘single Christian celebrities’ to try to replenish her list of men she suspects God has destined her to be with.” Something I may or may not have done.

While my crush had significantly subsided in recent years (due, in large part, to the realization that he’s not into blondes), at other times in my life I was honestly pretty convinced that some way, somehow, Timmy and I were going to end up together. I intentionally didn’t read his book for a long time so that if I ever did meet him, I wouldn’t know everything about him and could ask him questions like a normal person. Because normal people are definitely convinced they’re going to marry celebrities they’ve never met.

I did TRY to meet him, though. When I lived in Virginia Beach, Tim was doing a football camp in Williamsburg, and I dragged a friend with me to see if we could find him. We could not. Another time, a friend invited me to her church in Knoxville where he was speaking. I went and intentionally wore a bright yellow dress so I’d stand out. Like a highlighter. But that didn’t work, either. Even when I went to India, I had a layover in France, and I thought I’d get to hang out in the lounge (I was wrong), and I imagined that Tebow – who would for sure have lounge access – would come in, we’d strike up a conversation, I’d tell him I was returning from a mission trip, and he’d propose on the spot. Or something like that.

That also did not happen.

But, I was prepared for this disappointment. I had been pretty convinced another time in my life that I was going to marry a celebrity – Prince William. Princess Diana died when I was 12, and like everyone else, I was glued to the coverage – and that’s how I learned that her 15 year old son existed. And like the 12 year old that I was, I fell hard.

I bought every magazine about Diana in print and plastered my 7th grade locker with William pictures. I sent a cassette tape to the princes that I thought would encourage them after their mom’s passing (this was half well-intentioned sweetness, and half because I thought he’d listen to it and just have to know the American girl who sent it – and to know me is to love me). And when one of my friends said she really thought I’d end up with him, I took it as a word from the Lord. This was also middle school, so I took license plates with my crush’s birthday numerals on them as signs from above.

Alas, Wills is 3 kids in at this point, and Tebow bought his fiancée a rock the size of Texas. But, I don’t regret my day dreams. Being a romantic makes life more rosy and interesting. Sure, following Tim across the country wasn’t the most productive use of my time, but I had some fun adventures with friends and got some good stories along the way. And perhaps my friend was a little off in her forecasting about my future royal wedding, but if 7th graders can’t have wild dreams about the future, who can?

So, I wish Timmy the best, and I will continue to live vicariously through Kate and Megan and all those who wear a crown, because, well, my name literally means princess, so I can’t help it. But, I won’t start googling Christian celebrities again, just yet.

I don’t have a good tie-in for this outfit. I just liked it. I actually wore this dress to work last week. I know it’s really too fancy for the office, but I’ve been watching a lot of Suits, and Donna inspires me with her fashion choices, as inappropriate for the workplace as some of them may be. And, I put a sweater over it, so that definitely toned it down.

So, friends, I told you my embarrassing stories – what about you? Have you ever been CONVINCED you were going to marry someone famous? Who was it, and what measures did you take to make this happen? Please share so we can all reminisce about famous loves gone-by. I bet some names might pop up more than once.


The Perfect Princess

I had a post prepared (mentally, anyway) for today, but then I saw this picture. Kate encapsulates everything that I want to be. 

And that dress!  

If I ever look half as glamorous as Kate for anything, I will consider my life a success.

In the spirit of my British idol (and of her sparkly dress), have a “brilliant” weekend!

Celebrating the Royal Baby with Royal Blue

I’m too obsessed with the royal baby right now to write a real blog post, so here’s another look with my signature color to tide you over.  I love scarves in summer, which might seem weird to people.  But, if it’s light weight and if your office keeps the AC at sub-zero temperatures, why not? 

I also really liked this coral and blue combination, even if it did make me almost feel like a Florida Gator (not that that’s a bad thing). 

Happy (belated) birthday, little prince!  The world is so glad you’re here. 

Inspired Looks: Princess Kate

Today’s featured guest is none other than the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Why? Well, I’m kinda obsessed with her.  I mean, really – look at her.  She’s perfect.  No matter the occasion, Kate is always dressed appropriately and with impeccable taste, her hair is amazing, and she looks beautiful.  Even pregnant, she’s putting the rest of the fashion world to shame.  In my mind, she is the epitome of Tastefully Trendy.

However, the real reason Princess Kate is on my blog today is because you are not.  I need more submissions for Wednesdays’ Inspired Look features!  Whether my blog actually inspired you, or you just have a really great outfit you want to share, send it my way! 

I’d also love to hear from you hair and make-up pros out there – what are your greatest tips or go-to looks?  While I’m passably decent at both (although today’s look may get me some, “Hey the 80s called and they want their make-up back” jokes), I defer to the expertise of my friends to educate the world on those other aspects of looking put-together. 

So, let me hear from you!  You can email me at inhershoes77 AT gmail DOT com, or if you know me in real life, send me a text or facebook message.  I look forward to seeing how fabulous you are! 

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