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Wednesday’s Woman: Sarah

When I wrote about Hagar a few weeks ago, I mentioned Sarah as a central character in the story, but I kinda bashed her a little.  I’ve felt a little guilty about it since then – are you allowed to say something negative about the matriarch of all Judaism and Christianity (and Islam, for that matter)?  But, really, I just don’t care a whole lot for Sarah’s attitudes and behaviors.

I knew I’d eventually find something redeeming in her story, though (to read the whole thing, check out Genesis 11-23).  She’s a major female figure in the Bible; I couldn’t totally throw her aside, no matter how unexemplary I thought she was.  But, I didn’t anticipate finding that lesson quite so soon.

The other night, I was having a dramatic moment of feeling sorry for myself about something (as is frequently the case.  #GrowthArea).  My emotions were in upheaval, and as I was thinking/half-talking to God about it, I wondered who in the Bible might have felt as I did – what could I learn from his/her experience?  (Side note: this going to the Bible for examples is a new thing for me – really since I’ve started this feature on the blog.  Maybe that was the whole point?).

Anyway, immediately, Sarah popped into my head.  Sarah is a woman who had long been promised something she had never seen fulfilled, and wouldn’t until she was 90.   While the Bible doesn’t detail it, I can only imagine Sarah’s heart was broken over not being able to conceive, and I’m sure she spent many nights crying herself to sleep over crushed dreams and feelings of rejection or worthlessness.  It probably seemed to her that all of her hopes would never be realized, no matter what God had said to Abraham, and the fact that she laughed when the angel told her she would become pregnant seems to prove she had completely given up.

Yet, God had not given up on her, nor would He, despite Sarah’s best attempts to mess up everything.  Sarah’s attitude was terrible, yet God honored His promises to her.  She laughed at His messenger, yet He blessed her with her heart’s desire.  She tried to make things happen herself by giving Hagar to Abraham, only to turn around and scorn the servant woman and her son; yet, God’s goodness remained steady, and in His faithfulness and love, He upheld His end of the bargain.

How many times are we like Sarah?  I know that my attitude is often embarrassingly poor, my trust in God plummets, and I try my hardest to mess up all His plans through my sin and stubbornness – intentionally or unintentionally.  I say I believe His promises, that He is always good, and that His plans for me are for my benefit, but when push comes to shove, I don’t always act like that’s true.

But, no matter how many times we act like Sarah, God still acts like God.  No matter what we do to push Him away, He always comes back.  He never forgets or neglects to fulfill His promises to us, and in this kindness, He woos us back to His side, time and time again.

Are there dreams in your life that are unfulfilled, or promises that you’ve yet to see come to pass?  Don’t give up hope – God will come through, even if we have to wait until we’re 90.  And, don’t condemn yourself if you’ve messed up.  Of course you have.  We all have – probably in more ways than we even know.  But, God is bigger than that, and His love is not conditional on our behavior.

So, chin up!  Do something nice for yourself today – a Starbucks treat, a walk around the block, a pedicure, new shoes – and consider it a gift from the Lord who loves you and will fulfill all that He has promised at the most perfect time.


I picked Lilly Pulitzer as the basis of today’s outfit, in part, because I’m making a (VERY) subtle statement of my displeasure that Target sold out of their Lilly line in literally minutes and I got none. 🙁  But, also, because Lilly is a symbol of wealth and the care-free life it theoretically affords. I can just picture 90 year old gorgeous Sarah hanging out in West Palm, sipping her green smoothie, and sporting the latest in colorful resort wear, can’t you?

A Good Face for Radio

A few weeks ago, I went up to the local radio station to record an ad and an interview for work (you can listen to them here and here).  I knew it was very unlikely that my face would ever be shown (I mean, I guess they could have done a promotional shot or something), but it was a big deal for me, so I wanted to look the part.

Of course, “the part” for radio is probably whatever you feel like wearing.  And I felt like wearing a dress.  I didn’t want to go over-board with a business suit, or look like I was trying as hard as I was, so I added a cute, denim-striped, cropped jacket to tone it down, but still look professional and put-together.

1 - floral dress, cropped jacketDon’t you just love my cute envelope cross-body bag?  I bought it at a fun little boutique in Maryland earlier this year.  It’s hard for me to be minimalist enough to use something this small (I realize this is about the biggest fold-over bag known to man, but still) – however, it’s so cute, I make it work.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And, in case I don’t say it enough, I do love seeing your looks – regardless of whether they were inspired by me or not.  So, please send them my way so I can feature you sometime!

All that’s missing is Bruiser Woods

Over the weekend, I went shopping – of course – and I discovered my new favorite department store: Belk.  If you live north of the Mason-Dixon line, you might not have heard of this magical place.  So, you should come south – first to visit me, second to eat Chick-Fil-A, and third to shop at Belk.

I am not really a big purse person because I am lazy – changing them requires effort.  But, I’ve been looking for a new bag for some time now, and when I found the one below – on sale – I just couldn’t resist.  For the purpose of this blog, I matched my outfit to the purse.  That will likely never intentionally happen again.  I also should have taken a side photo of the bag so you could better see the shape.  It’s basically the type of bag perfectly suited for a little dog.  And now I want one.

Also, pay no attention to the suitcase behind me.  Sometimes unpacking takes time, but fashion waits for no man.

Cardigan:Wet Seal (which is why it’s lost most of it’s shape.  Sadness.)
Tank: hand me down from my sister, I think?
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Plato’s Closet (I’m not too proud)
Earrings: Anne Klein, by way of my grandmother’s jewelry box
Purse: Belk 

Black and Blue All Over

I travel quite a bit for my job, but if you saw me in the airport, you’d probably never know.  I’m not one of those cool, efficient travelers, like George Clooney in Up in the Air. (Terrible movie, by the way, but his packing skills are amazing.)  I never pack light.  I just seem to be incapable of it.  I seldom wear flats, even though I promise myself every time to never again wear heels in the airport.  And, I choose my bags poorly.

This past weekend, I went on a business trip to Philadelphia, and I took this beautiful purse my mother gave me for Christmas.

Isn’t it cute? I get compliments on it almost daily.  I knew better, though, than to take it with me when I was traveling, because cute as it is, those wooden handles are heavy.  And when you add in phone chargers, snacks, and all the other essentials I must have when I fly, this is what happens:

If you can’t tell, those are bruises (and Channing Tatum in the background, but let’s focus on the bruises).  I have these on both arms from jostling a heavy purse around all weekend.  It looks like my husband beats me.  I don’t have a husband.

It’s probably a little absurd to suffer bruises for fashion.  My feet would insist that all I put them through for fashion is completely absurd.  But, I am a slow learner.  I may not use this purse when I travel again next – maybe.  But, I am almost certain that I will find something else cute and impractical to take it’s place.  It’s a cross I willingly bear.

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