You may have noticed, I love belts.  I love wide ones.  I love skinny ones. I love coral ones with flowers on them.  There’s something about a belt that just makes me feel  a little bit more put together.

Belts can be tricky sometimes.  Not every figure can wear every belt the same way.  Not every outfit looks good with every width of belt.  You have to find what works for you – play around with it.  I like to wear my belts low because I have the shortest waist ever and a low belt helps give the illusion that I’m normally proportioned.   If a short torso is not your issue, though, you may want to wear a belt higher to give the illusion of longer legs…it’s all about what works for you.

Below, I took a picture before and after belting my dress.  You can see it’s a cute outfit either way.  But, by adding a belt, I tied the whole outfit together and gave it a more complete, polished look.  15 more seconds, and my outfit looked suddenly looked like I had put a lot more effort into it.