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Black to Basics

In my professional life, I’ve developed a bit of a uniform for when I’m visiting schools/churches/”clients”. It’s not super clever or unique – I just wear black. But, maybe my reasons for doing so are a little more distinctive.

Of course, the primary reason I wear black is pretty obvious: it’s professional. Also, it’s really easy, and as we’ve established on multiple occasions, I’m the worst packer ever, so black reduces the effort I have to put into the work side of my suitcase (I really do divide it that way; work clothes in one half, fun clothes in the other).

But, I also love black because it allows me to mix and match all of my shoes and accessories and come up with different looks that suit whatever audience I’m meeting, while still showcasing my personality.

In this outfit, I was meeting with someone for work, so I wore jewelry from Rahab’s Rope, of course. The leopard print shoes are mine and I love them.

1 - black to basicsDo you have a uniform – required or just developed?  Any go-to looks for certain occasions?  You know how I feel about that whole minimalist wardrobe thing, but there is something comforting in not having to think.

A LBD and A French Braid

Finally home…I love traveling, I really do.  And this past week, I was in my favorite place in the world: Nashville, Tennessee.  But, it’s always good to get home and back into a routine.  I’m a creature of habit and glad to be back in the saddle.

A couple of weeks ago, I wore this look, and ended up really loving it, although it evolved almost by accident from a simple black dress. I was speaking for work again, so like the look I showed you last Tuesday, I started with something basic so I could add some Rahab’s Rope accessories.  All of the jewelry I’m wearing, plus the headband, are from my work (which, if you don’t know, is a nonprofit that works with women and children in India who are at risk or have been victims of human trafficking; you can order some pretty things here.)

I really love this for two reasons:

1) My red lipstick actually looks good.  Almost every time I wear red lipstick, I think I look like a clown or a 5 year old who got into her mom’s makeup bag.  But this time, it miraculously worked.

2) My hair.  I could not get this headband to work for me and not make me look like a complete flower child.  But, necessity (and pinterest) are the mother of invention, so in part inspired by some old pins I’d seen, in part just plain experimentation, I ended up with this awesome braided look.  If you can tell from these pictures (don’t mind the note on my mirror; it’s just a love note one of my besties left me recently, and I like it, so it stays), I wrapped the front of my hair around the headband twice on each side (like I do when I’m curling it), and then I French braided it from there, and voila.  It’s probably my new bad hair day go-to.


1 - black dress, headbandHave you ever invented a new hair style?  Share your secrets in the comments; I’m always looking for new tips!

Trendy Tuesday: Tees

I had so many choices for today’s alliterative title, particularly considering the subject of my t-shirt.  But, Trends and Tees won over Tebow Time.  For perhaps the first and only time in my life.

Anyway, t-shirts are having a moment.  Which seems odd since, aside from jeans, t-shirts are probably the one staple of the American wardrobe that never goes away.  Functional, usually free, and long-lasting (well, at least if you’re my dad – he has t-shirts from college still.  Even if I’d been born while he was in college, that would still be 30 years ago.  I was not.)

But instead of being relegated to family reunions, youth group fundraisers, and the gym, t-shirts are now finding places in high fashion (or at least, street style of the rich and famous).  Of course, these are not the ill-fitting, over-sized, company logo shirts I’m talking about, but rather a cute graphic tee (like the bubble gum machine shirt I wanted to buy at Walgreens in Orlando.  I didn’t even care that it said Florida on it.  It was cute!), or a shirt with a witty phrase (most of which are really not that witty). And they’re being paired with all kinds of things as part of the high-low fashion trend that’s been going on for a while – and which my mom simply does not understand.

Right now, I’m obsessed with this company I just discovered on Facebook the other day called Litographs – they take classic books, print the entire text in super tiny font all over the shirt, and then add an iconic image from the story.  It might be easier if I show you.  This is the one that I want.  You can feel free to buy it too – I don’t mind being twinsies.  Just make sure they don’t sell out.

Alas, that kind of creativity isn’t free, and these tees are a cool $34.  Not a lot for a dress or shoes in my economy, but a little much for a t-shirt.  I’ll keep thinking about it until a) they run a sale; b) I can’t resist anymore; or c) one of you buys it for me! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (A woman’s small or medium would be great…)

So, I’m on the hunt for some more cute tees.  In the meantime, I think my Tebow shirt will be getting a lot of wear.  Which is fine with me.  It may be in Jets colors, which is completely irrelevant now, but the man himself will never be irrelevant.  Ever.

1 - tebow teeHow do you feel about the super casual mixing with the more dressy?  Have you tried it, or are you more like my mom and just don’t get it?

Oh, and my earrings are from Rahab’s Rope, btw.  We don’t carry this particular style anymore, but you can always order something else pretty!

80 Days of Summer: Viva Colombia!

Based on the following post, you might think I go on mission trips all the time.  That would be inaccurate.

These shoes are from Colombia, and are the only remaining souvenir from my time there (I also got a REALLY great haircut, but sadly, I could never recreate it here in the States.)

DSC_0108Super cute, right?  They came from the Bogota version of Rack Room Shoes.  Very exotic.

It should be noted at this point that I’m bad at finding good deals and/or haggling in other countries.  I find reasonable prices by American standards, but not those bargain basement deals everyone else seems to find on the mission field.  I’m doing something wrong.

Indian Pants, Colombia shoesTo complete my international look, I wore my favorite pants I bought in India.  I bought them knowing that loose, pajama-like pants were still a trend, but had I realized just how big the flowy pants with elastic ankle cuffs were going to become, I would have stocked up.

I love the floral pattern of this pair (I also love that florals are so in right now), but I would have preferred the pockets to be on the side, a la 1995 cargo pants, rather than in the middle of my thigh. I always feel slightly like a clown when I wear them.  But, they’re pretty, so I embrace it.

Fashion Tip of The Day: To avoid drowning in flowy clothes, balance is always key.  When wearing something loose on the bottom, focus on a more tailored fit on top, and vice versa.

Floral sandals and pants

H M white sheer top
$34 – hm.com

Even&odd blue sandals
$43 – zalando.co.uk

Oasis bracelet set
$15 – asos.com

80 Days of Summer: India Pretty

If you’ve ever traveled to another country and bought a lot of souvenirs, you may have noticed that some look a little bit different when you return home.  The novelty and glamour of being in another location sometimes overshadow your otherwise good fashion sense.  When I got back from India, I referred to some of my purchases as “India pretty.”  You can substitute in the country of your choice.

20140516_091643Fortunately, these sandals are both India and America pretty.  I needed another pair of flip-flops like I need another hole in my head, but I just had to buy some shoes.  You know how people don’t count having visited a place unless they ate a meal there or spent a night?  I don’t count it unless I’ve bought some shoes.

The necklace I’m wearing is from Rahab’s Rope – so you know, you can get one and support a great cause…just sayin’. And my skirt is sheer from above the knee to the floor – I just don’t have photography skills advanced enough to capture that.  The t-shirt is from Wal-Mart – and honestly, not the best pairing with the skirt, but it is what it is.

Have you ever bought some souvenirs you didn’t like quite as much when you returned home?  Tell me about them and all their Eiffel Tower keychain glory!

Floral maxi and India flip flops

Warehouse black shirt
$20 – warehouse.co.uk

Long skirt

Kenneth Cole flip flops

Blu Bijoux gold earrings

Sundress and cowboy boots

I was going through my phone to see what outfits I’d recently worn that still needed blogging, and I found this one from quite a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe I never posted this look – I did really like it.
A debate remains between my mother and me about what color the stripes are on this dress.  I think they’re navy, she says black.  But, with my blue accessories, I was obviously treating them as navy; with colors that are so on the fence, I think you can really make them go either way, depending on what you put with them.  Which is handy.

I love my cowboy boots, but surprisingly, I really haven’t had as much opportunity to wear them in Georgia as I did in Virginia.  I need to find the honkytonks soon!  In the meantime, I’ll wear them to work.  Because I can.

A couple notes on the accessories: my belt is actually on backwards.  The front is really blingy and would have looked funny with this outfit.  But, it looks just fine backwards and no one would suspect it wasn’t supposed to be that way (this is where confidence comes in – own whatever you do and no one will question you).

The headband also requires a bit of confidence.  The hippy look is back, and I like it, but at first I was afraid I couldn’t pull it off.  I’m guessing probably a lot of you would think the same, but if you just do it, you’ll find that people admire your courage which will only further boost your self-assurance.  (Having said that, the headband should probably be slightly lower on my forehead…but you get the idea.)


Yellow dress and boots

Hot and Cold

It’s hot as blazes here in India (I’m assuming, since I’m writing this in advance), but when I wore this I was still in the US struggling through the coldest winter of my life.  Thanks for the welcome, Georgia.
I don’t think I really have anything interesting to say about this outfit.  The jacket wasn’t really supposed to be part of the look, but the blouse was just TOO blousy without it – and my arms too cold – that I kept it on.

The headband is also a Rahab’s Rope product – the girls we work with in India actually make these pretty ribbon headbands.  They’re paid per piece, and then we sell them here in the US to further fund the ministry.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Bomber jacket and white blouse

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today, I’m headed to India for two weeks.  You may remember that I work for Rahab’s Rope, which is a non-profit that works with women and children in India who are at risk or have been victims of human trafficking.  My job is to recruit and coordinate all of our short-term volunteers/mission teams.  I’ll better be able to do that when I’ve, you know, actually been there.
So, with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, I’m about to board a very long flight(s), travel for over 24 hours, and then experience likely the greatest culture shock of my life.  I know it will be worth it, but I still wouldn’t mind your prayers.

That being said, I’m scheduling a few posts to go up while I’m away.  I don’t know that I’ll have much time to blog, and honestly, you won’t probably want to see what I wear when I’m over there.  I mean, really – I bought these shoes to wear:


I do promise to show you SOME Indian fashion when I return.  In the meantime, you can always browse rahabsrope.org for pretty jewelry and gifts that support the cause.  The necklace I’m wearing in this outfit (don’t mind the chipped nail polish) is one of our pieces, handmade by Paula in our office in Georgia, and the pearl is freshwater – as are all of our pearls.

So, again, I hope you’ll pray for me while I’m away and I promise I will have a few posts between now and when I return.  Then, give me a few days to readjust to our blessed American life, and we’ll be back to business as usual – with, hopefully, a side of deeper compassion.

Striped sweater, bootcut jeans

Buyer’s Remorse

The good news is, I got a new phone yesterday. The bad news is, I’m having buyer’s remorse, which is one of the worst emotions in the world. Yes, my old phone barely made calls. It was time. And yes, I really like the new one, minus some quirks I’ve yet to unravel. But, when I called to cancel Verizon, they made me a sweet deal, and I think I could have gotten an even better phone – on Verizon’s network – for about the same as I’m paying now. Grr… Oh well. It’s only money, right?

Why is this relevant to you, you may ask? Well, regrettably, in the transfer of my files not all of my pictures came over. Many did, but all of the previous outfit collages I’d made but not yet blogged about are gone. So, my reservoir of past outfits has all but dried up, meaning you’ll now be subjected to my poorly-lit pictures of what I’m wearing to stay warm in my office in the Georgia tundra. Sorry.


This outfit was much cuter in real life. I have trouble capturing dark colors on my camera (any photographers who want to give me a tutorial are welcome!), so the blouse is black, the jeans are dark rinse, and everything else is close to accurate. I do love purple and teal together, though, and this jacket is one of my favorites. Also, these jeans were skinnier when I bought them. Now, I’m skinnier which is awesome, but they’re a little baggy which detracts from the overall impression in my opinion.

Oh well – one day, all factors will collide – the size of my clothes, the lighting, my camera skills – and you’ll just be amazed at what a fantastic outfit you’re viewing. Or, maybe not. 🙂

  • Jacket: TJ Maxx
  • Jeans: Old Navy (and, to be fair, they were only $10, so I can probably afford to get a new pair)
  • Blouse: JCPenney
  • Booties: Charlotte Russe
  • Necklace: Rahab’s Rope

Shopping Cures the Blues

Being in the new girl in town can be fun sometimes, but only if you can actually interact with people to whom you are new.  Since that’s yet to happen here, I went to my happy place – the Mall of Georgia.

This mall was probably reason enough to move to Georgia.  It’s massive and wonderful.

I stocked up on several things (all on sale, of course), including the cute little tank I’m wearing above.  A bow of sequins?  If you know me at all, you know that was totally irresistible to me.  Plus, I’d been looking for some more cute tanks – they’re harder to find than you’d think.

The jacket I got at Target, another happy place, later that afternoon.  It’s soft and warm and will go with a million things.

And rounding out my shopping spree was a trip to my new favorite place for accessories – my job!  The Rahab’s Rope store really is cute, and I was eager to stock up, especially since most of my jewelry is currently packed away.

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and was feeling pretty good about myself…until I walked to my car afterwards and saw the red lipstick smeared all over my chin.  Still not quite sure how that happened, but I suppose humble pie is good for anyone now and then.

  • Blazer: Target
  • Tank: Rue 21
  • Jeans: hand-me-down
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Earrings: Rahab’s Rope

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