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thank u, next

Happy New Year, everyone!

In the spirit of not making resolutions I won’t keep, I’m going to stop promising how often I’ll have a new blog post. I get embarrassed when I don’t live up to my own expectations, so the new rule is, I’ll write when I have something to say. Or a really great outfit to feature.

Also in the spirit of the new year, and of Ariana Grande, I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane. Reflecting on the past can sometimes be a great way to head into the future.

Unless you’ve been trapped in a fallout shelter for the past month or two, you’ve probably heard Ariana’s new song, “thank u, next.” It has spawned countless memes and an epic music video that took the social media world by storm for a full 24-48 hours.

The basic premise of the song is Ariana looking back on all of her past relationships and reflecting on the good they brought her and the lessons she learned. She ends by talking about focusing on herself and being grateful for all the ways she’s grown, even through difficulties.

Of course, in true 2019 pop star fashion, the song is full of profanity and teenage slang (I honestly don’t see how it’s possible that she’s over the age of 15). However, I really like the sentiment – the idea of looking for the good in all of our life circumstances, including the painful ones.

Can I really say “I’m so [edited] grateful for my ex” about every guy I’ve dated? I’d have to think pretty hard about that. But, I can at least highlight a few:

Thank u, next:  To my grad school guy – thank you for being the reason I made a lifelong friend. There’s nothing like common relationship drama and young T. Swift music to bring two early-20s girls together and make them inseparable for life. Also, thank you for shoveling my snow.

Thank u, next: To the guy I went out with a few times when I was 23 – you prompted me (quite unknowingly on your part, I’m very sure) to refocus my life and reprioritize my relationship with God. My twenties may have looked a lot different had I not known you.

Thank u, next: To the guy I went out with a few times when I was 26 – thanks to you, I went on a 10 month Man Fast, and it was the single best spiritual undertaking in my life thus far.

Thank u, next: To Hot Trainer. We never actually dated at all, but you showed me what respect looked like at a time when I’d experienced very little of it. And you set an impossible standard for text response time with which no man has ever been able compete.

Thank u, next: To the guy from Ohio. I freaked out a little on you. Sorry about that. Thank you for being nice and letting me get it out of my system on you, so no one else need experience it.

Thank u, next: To my chiropractor. Whenever I want someone to think I’m funny, I tell our story, and they always do. Also, you fixed my back, so I appreciate that.

Thank u, next: To the lawyer. We’ll always have Whytheville.

Thank u, next: To the Navy SEAL I went out with that one time. Thank you for helping me realize that it was possible for a man of your caliber to be interested in a girl like me. I’m also glad I can someday tell my grandchildren that I dated a SEAL (you’ll forgive me if I embellish the story a little).

Thank u, next: To Bradley Cooper. You raised my standards permanently and helped me realize what I’m really looking for. And it snowed in Chattanooga in March, which was pretty magical, if you think about it.

Thank u, next: To all the military men I’ve ever dated – thank you for teaching me about your jobs and war zones and the insiders’ scoop on international relations, and for answering my questions about the 2nd Amendment and whether or not we should even be in said war zones. Also, thank you for serving and looking so good in that uniform (heart eyes emoji x 10).

Thank u, next: To everyone else – to the first dates who I genuinely enjoyed talking to, thank you for good conversation. To the first dates that were a little painful, thank you for taking the risk, anyway. To the ones who didn’t ghost me, thank you for being honest, even when it’s awkward. To the ones who did ghost me, thank you for helping me strengthen my own skills at having difficult conversations.

I don’t know what 2019 will bring me, but if I can keep looking for the good, perhaps it’ll all turn out just fine, no matter what.

I do know that 2019 will certainly bring me new clothes, even as I’ve been watching Tidying Up and throwing out tons of old ones (to be fair, I read the book a few months before the series came out and had already begun the process).

But here are a couple of 2018 outfits that will remain in my closet, as they definitely spark joy:
I’m not 100% sure that this dress wasn’t intended to be an “Ugly Christmas Dress” – it’s pretty loud and velvety… But, I love it and proudly wear it, unironically.

Poinsettas are a Christmas flower, of course, but I may still wear this dress into January, as it doesn’t have any Santas or trees on it – I think I can get away with it. It’s just a shame to only wear something you like so much during one month of the year. The next dress was my New Year’s Eve dress. My expectations for NYE are always way too high, and I’m usually disappointed. But, I love the hope found in a fresh start – and the sparkles, of course.

Lest you think I skipped my sequins this year in favor of a more subtle sparkle, please look more closely at my shoes. Sequins will forever have my heart.
I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are expectant about the new year. Perhaps you might also take a lesson from Ariana (words I would never have expected to come from my mouth) and reflect on some of the past seasons in your life – good and bad – to see how you’ve grown because of them. And, let’s pledge to ourselves to continue to look for that good in every situation we encounter in the new year.



My Awkward life

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming: My Awkward Life.

Y’all, I had the most awkward moment in my not-as-short-anymore-life a couple weeks ago. And this is coming from the girl who asked out her chiropractor – and then went back to him. It was terrible.

As ground work for this story, let me say that although I’m on this kinda-break from dating, I did have one “pre-existing” guy that resurfaced about the same time I started my break. So, I was grandfathering him in and had a date planned with him for the Tuesday after Halloween.

The Saturday before Halloween, I took my cute little Tooth Fairy costume out on the town with some friends. As I was about to leave (literally, I was checking Uber and Lyft rates), a man dressed as a chicken started talking to me, and he happened to be super interesting. (This is not important to the story, but he was from New Jersey, had gone to college in Oklahoma for the rodeo, moved to Nashville for music, still was the front-man for a band, but during the day was a commodity trader who was loaded and lived on his boat (I called it a yacht, but I think it was technically a boat.). FASCINATING. And it was all true. I googled him.)

Anyway, so the Chicken and I ended up talking outside for quite a while, and as we’re sitting there, a guy high-fives me. While I’m high-fiving him back, I look up and see that his buddy, dressed like a tiger, is the guy I have a date scheduled with for 3 days later.


Pause for a moment and let’s reflect on how small of a town Nashville really is. I run into people I know all the time. Usually in less uncomfortable circumstances.

Back to my story, the Tiger says nothing, but keeps walking, and I tell the Chicken that I have a date with that tiger on Tuesday. I figured he might as well share in the discomfort with me, although to his credit, he was much less phased by it than I was.

The Chicken and I keep talking, and after a little while, I’m calling an Uber again, when from across the street, I hear my name. The Tiger yells hey and waves and keeps walking. And I want to die. The Chicken says I can go talk to him, but that’s weird. I think I just did a little half-step dance move, said “this is the most awkward situation of my life”, and got in my Uber.

Needless to say, nothing ever came of either of those two guys. No big loss with the Tiger – this was about his 4th chance, anyway. But, I wouldn’t have minded talking to the Chicken more, even though I don’t think he shared my values. So, maybe it was for the best.

And, there you have it. Definitely the most awkward moment I’ve ever had – hopefully the most I will ever have. It really was like being in the Mindy Project or some other sitcom. But, I survived, and maybe the two bullets dodged made it all worth it.


As my shirt says, though, “Life is short.” Embrace the awkward (and wear sequins).


Extra, extra, read all about it

Well, guys, as of yesterday, I am no longer employed at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Instead, on Wednesday, I’ll be the newest employee of Belmont University!

I didn’t really want to make a big deal of it, partly because I always make a big deal of my life changes, and partly because it’s not that big of a deal. I had some really great experiences at the CMHOF, but ultimately, the journey of the past three years has taught me that higher ed is where I belong. My dad has worked in it practically my whole life; I guess I should have just followed the family business. It’s where the oldest child usually ends up anyway, right?

Anyway, I’m excited to go back to admissions (if anyone wants to get a degree in physical or occupational therapy, let me know). But, a little sad that the days of wearing sequins to work are over. Sure, I’ve been told my new office is “business casual”, but I don’t think that an academic office ever defines that term with shiny things.

Saturdays, though, you can bet I’ll be rocking this combo again – it’s high-low fashion perfection.
1 - chambray and sequinsHave a great weekend, everyone, and happy Labor Day! Here’s to boats, beers, and the last breath of summer!

TBT: Barry Manilow

Y’all, I won Mother’s Day this year.  My mom has been a life-long Barry Manilow fan, and when I saw he was coming just 30 minutes from me for his last tour EVER!!!! (supposedly), I snagged us a couple of tickets and we went a couple weeks ago.

I must admit, I had low expectations for Barry.  The guy is pretty old, and many aging singers don’t quite sound the same.  But, he really sounded great and came across very sweet and humble.  I genuinely enjoyed it.

Knowing you will be the youngest person in an entire arena is quite liberating – I could kinda wear whatever I want.  And I did.  I’ve had this sequin skirt in my closet for months and hadn’t found an opportunity to wear it.  But, I figured the flash of Barry would allow for my sequins.  So, I tamed it a little with the blazer, and a lot with the flats (I didn’t want to look like I was going to a post-work cocktail party), and was ready to go.
1 - rainbow sequin skirt, flatsMy mom and I had a great time.  And you can obviously see where my love for dressing in patriotic colors come from.
1 - mom and meWhat would you wear to see Barry Manilow…you know, if you were going to see Barry Manilow.  Do you think my choice was appropriate, or not-really-but-no-one-paid-any-attention-to-me-so-what-does-it-matter? And didn’t I luck out in the gene pool?! Let me know your thoughts!

Transformation Tuesday

If it ever seems like I’m bragging about my hair…I am.  I don’t mean to be obnoxious, but I spent the first 29 years of my life having no idea what to do with it.  I’ve finally kinda figured it out, and the novelty has not yet worn off.  Here is an example of why:

wpid-wp-1410221577616.jpegOn the right, you will see my hair as a 21-year old college graduate.  Pretty dull in every sense of the word.  On the left, however, you have blonde curls.  Everything I’ve ever wanted on my head, now realized!

I also feel at liberty to brag about it because I really can’t take credit – it’s all thanks to some wonderful guru on Pinterest (link here!).  I’ll just add two things to her excellent tutorial:  1) my hair never holds curling iron curl.  Like EVER.  This is the only way, but it works like a charm.  2) it works like a charm only when my hair is almost dry before I wrap it.  Otherwise, it won’t ever thoroughly dry and the weight of my wet hair pulls out the curl.

1 - pleated skirt, turquoise necklaceAnd now…on to this outfit, which I absolutely loved.  I won’t say much about it because this post is already long, except that I chose to mix silver and gold bangles because the blouse has silver accents, but the necklace has gold.  I needed that to seem intentional.

And of course, you can find this beautiful necklace online at Rahab’s Rope – it’s one of my favorite pieces we carry. The skirt is from Francesca’s Boutiqe, and the blouse from H&M.

80 Days of Summer: Rainbow Wedges (again)

I keep hearing all these people say they’re ready for fall, and I just don’t understand it.  Yes, I’m normally one of those people, but hasn’t this been about the mildest (and shortest summer) ever?  Maybe it’s just because I’ve been away from my beloved beach and have traveled so much, but I don’t feel like we’ve had a summer at all yet.  Or maybe I just remember better than most how frigid this past winter was, and I’m not ready for that again.  Or maybe, it’s because I have shown you nowhere near all 80 pairs of my shoes, and the title of this journey is quickly becoming irrelevant.

Regardless, I’m not ready to give up my wedges and neons yet.  So, let’s not.

DSC_0590Now, looking at this outfit, you may be thinking, “Didn’t she just go on a rant against the First Lady for wearing neon?”  And you would be correct – I did.  But you may also remember that part of being tastefully trendy is being age and occasion-appropriate with your clothing choices.  I am both considerably younger than Mrs. Obama and not First Lady, so I can take a few more liberties with trends.  Hence, the hot pink.
1 - neon pink shirt, white jeansAhh, summer.  Please don’t go.

80 Days of Summer: Rainbow Wedges

These are one of the pairs of shoes I bought before I realized that I’m too old to wear cheap shoes…

So, I wear them because they’re cute and summery, but my feet slide around in them a little bit so they don’t get as much as use as a great multi-colored wedge should.
Still, the stripes are an excellent foil to the stars on my denim shirt-dress, and the blues match perfectly, tying everything together.

imageHonestly, I’m not sure why I have so many of these elastic-waist dresses.  It’s not really the MOST flattering style on me.  I suppose part of the reason is that they’re EVERYWHERE, and part of it is that because I couldn’t wear them at all a few pounds ago, so I’m making up for lost time.  Either way, do what I say, not what I do, and always buy clothes that flatter you and therefore make you feel your most confident – rather than focusing on whatever’s the most “of the moment.”

Or ignore me completely and buy whatever you like.  You’re the star of this show!

Denim dress with wedges

Nine West peep toe pumps

Betsey johnson earrings

Pink jewelry
$32 – oliverbonas.com

Charlotte Russe thick belt

My Two Cents: Wedges and Lilly Pulitzer

Recently, I’ve been asked my opinion on a couple different topics, so I’m going to combine them into one post.   Because you know I do have opinions!

First up, wedges.  Wedges have been back for several years now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere (yay!).  I really had to warm up to the style, as I was convinced wedges were always clunky and un-feminine.  And they certainly sometimes can be.  But, they are also a perfect summer shoe, as they highlight those calf muscles like a heel, but are much easier to wear to backyard picnics – no sinking into the grass.  Espadrilles, the hemp rope look, are my favorite type of wedge and probably the least likely to be too heavy.  While wedges can be worn with pants, as in my outfit below, they really look best with a flowy skirt or dress.

I also heard a rumor that clogs were making a comeback.  My opinion on that?  No.

Next up is Lilly Pulitzer, favorite of sorority girls and Boca Raton retirees.  One of my longest running friends, Beth, lives in Florida and asked what I thought.  Honestly, I never had thought much about Lilly.  She’s not really in my price bracket, and I’m in neither of the aforementioned demographic groups.  However, after looking over her website a little bit more, I do really like the clothes.  They’re bright and colorful and feminine (so, pretty much everything I love in clothing).  If I were a bit wealthier, maybe I would indulge.  In the meantime, I just try to emulate her style by putting on every color in the rainbow at one time.  

Sweater: Old Navy
Pants: JCrew (and they’re too big, as you can maybe tell…but I’m not ready to let go yet)
Shoes: Hamricks
Belt: JCPenney

100th Post Party!

Today marks my 100th Tastefully Trendy post! (Actually, I have a few drafts hanging around, so this is probably just short of 100, but go with it.)

To celebrate, I’m wearing a festive scarf.  This scarf was a good $4 deal from one of my favorite cheapo accessories stores, Body Central (as was the belt, actually).  I feel a little like the Chiquita banana lady when I wear it, but I love the colors, and judging by the compliments I got when I wore it, so do lots of other people. 

To highlight the fun of the scarf, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple. My skirt is a linen find from France (I think it may have come from H&M, but I can’t remember).  I outgrew it and gave it to my sister, then she changed sizes, I lost weight, and it made it’s way back home. And light-weight white cardigans are one of my spring/summer staples.  This one is still pretty white, which is a miracle.  I basically have to buy a new one every year because I’m a five-year old child when it comes to keeping white clean. 

Hope there is some color in your life on this rainy Monday!

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