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HAPPY Memorial Day

When I picked out my photos for today’s post, I forgot that it would be my pre-Memorial Day post. So, it’s not as patriotic an outfit as I would have otherwise picked, but at least I am sporting some navy, with hints of red and white.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do this Memorial Day weekend, but I do know that I will celebrate it with gratitude and JOY. I’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating. Yes, Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave their lives for all of us. But, why did they die? Did they die so that we would be sad once a year when we think about them? Or, did they die so that we could continue to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I believe it’s the latter, and I’m quite confident that if the men and women who sacrificed everything could be here, they would tell us to enjoy our pools and barbecues and baseball games. Having known my fair share of military members, I can’t imagine any of them wanting their friends and family to be somber. Rather, I think they want them to live the full life that they fight every day to preserve.  Even more so, those who’ve sacrificed everything for our freedom and for the “American dream” are those who, I think, would most want us to celebrate all the wonderful things that being an American means.

So, please don’t forget why we’re celebrating this weekend. The brave men and women who have passed on deserve our deepest respect and thanks. But, they also deserve recognition in the most American way possible – by enjoying the life they died to protect.

The UNITED States of America

I’ve been wanting to share my political opinions since Wednesday morning, when all of social media exploded. But, I’ve refrained until now because I didn’t want to add to the division and anger. And, what could I possibly say that would be any different than anything anyone else said?

But, yesterday, my pastor preached this beautiful message on reconciliation (you can hear it here, if you’d like. And look for my blonde head in the choir). And more than anything else, that’s what I want for our country. Yes, we were basically evenly divided in this election, and we have seen a lot of division in various ways over the past few years: the 1% vs. Occupiers; the police versus black men; black vs. white, in general; conservative vs. liberal – and it goes on.

But, we also have an amazing history of uniting together when circumstances demand it: 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and many others. We also remember we’re all Americans during less tragic events, too: the Olympics, cheering on the Cubs (because, honestly, if you were against the Cubs, you might not have a heart. Or you’re just from Cleveland), celebrating the 4th of July, etc.

I am a conservative voter, which I think is common knowledge to anyone who knows me reasonably well. As such, I was faced with an impossible choice. I couldn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton, because I disagree with her on almost every policy issue. But, I also thought President-elect Trump lacked the depth of character and maturity I wanted in a President, and I disapproved of many things he said before and during the campaign. (He was not my choice in the primaries.) So, what do I do? Vote my conscience and pick a 3rd party candidate, thus ensuring a victory for Clinton? I might as well just vote for her, then. Or, vote for the man whose conservatism runs about as deep as the creek in my neighborhood and hope for the best.

Ultimately, I decided on Trump (3 days before the election) for one reason: he will pick more conservative justices than Hillary, and that has farther-reaching consequences than just the next 4 years. I had to make a decision somehow; that was my method.

I didn’t vote for him because I’m uneducated. I didn’t vote for him because I hate black people, or gay people, or Muslims. I voted for him because faced with very bad choices, he was the best for me and what I believed to be best for the country. I also voted for him because I don’t believe his Twitter rhetoric is reflective of the policies that will actually be enacted during his presidency. Congress and the Supreme Court are there to prevent extremism of one person. And let’s be honest, when was the last time a politician honored all the things they said during the campaign?

I hate that a few people have taken his election as justification for unkindness and even hate – on both sides of the aisle. We don’t solve problems in this country through rioting. We also don’t kick out people because they look or sound or believe differently than we do. We are a country that welcomes the “tired, [the] poor, [the] huddled masses yearning to breathe free”; we are a country where, at one point in their family history, every citizen, unless they are Native American, looked, sounded, and/or believed differently than those already here.

My point is that I won’t apologize for voting for Trump, and that’s okay. So is voting for Hillary, if that’s where your convictions brought you. So, is voting for a 3rd party candidate. Our country is made richer by diversity – of skin colors, of ethnic backgrounds, of outlooks on life. But only if we celebrate and honor those differences instead of letting them divide us. Because if we’re all mad at each other, then no one has won.

So, I’ll start. I didn’t realize until this election how diverse my own friend group had become. Going to a conservative Christian college, and then working at one, the last few elections have been pretty one-sided on my Facebook. This time, though, my newsfeed reflected the American population – split 50/50 between jubilation and despondency. Approximately half of my friends voted differently than I did, and while I might disagree with their decision, I still love my left-leaning friends. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They are passionate.
  • When they believe in a cause, they fight for it. Their convictions run deep.
  • They are fiercely loyal.
  • They care for the marginalized and want to see a better life for every person.
  • Although the majority of my liberal friends are white and middle-class, many are most upset about the election because they fear the consequences for other people – the urban poor, minority populations, etc.
  • On Veteran’s Day, they pushed pause on election talk to honor the military.
  • They, like me, believe in America and want to see it become the best that it can be.

We may not agree on everything; we may not agree on most things. But, we are all Americans, and in that is the beauty of the United States. We are just that – united. United in our common bond as citizens of the greatest country on earth – where different factions and people of varying beliefs and outlooks can not only live side-by-side without war, but can actually be friends. On social media and in real life.

I’m actually very optimistic about the next 4 years. Maybe that’s because I am an eternal optimist, anyway. Maybe it’s because I believe in our system of checks and balances and know that anything too radical will be stopped before it gets out of hand. And maybe, just maybe, a bit of a shake-up will be a good thing. But, mostly I’m optimistic because I believe in the fabric of American society. Our friends, family, acquaintances, and fellow citizens who disagree with us may frustrate us, but they are not the enemy. We’re all in this together. Let’s remember that over the next two months, 4 years, and in the generations to come.

I’ve heard the word “love” thrown around a lot lately. Let’s actually do it, and let our unity be what spurs us to greater heights as a nation, regardless of who is president. I’m in. Will you join me?


I try to write my posts in advance because that is the only way I can ensure I get them written. If I sit down on a Sunday and church out the week’s writing, I’m much more successful than if I try to squeeze in something meaningful on a weeknight.

All that to say, I’m writing this before we know our new president. Like 99% of the rest of the country, I didn’t like any of our choices, but I voted because I believe it is the most important action for a citizen of our amazing country. Regardless of the outcome, I’m sure glad it’s over, and I just pray that God has mercy on us for the next 4 years until we can try again.

So, in honor of the triumphs once again of democracy and in anticipation of the peaceful transition of power that is a model to the whole world, here is a throwback picture featuring my favorite tank (and showcasing how much my photography skills have improved – hard to believe they used to be worse than they are now). God bless America, and let’s keep on running the world.


Who Runs the World?

Another year, another patriotic holiday, another wearing of my favorite tank top. I paid about $30 for this shirt, which, for me, is basically an astronomical price for something that doesn’t even have sleeves. But, I’ve worn and loved it so much, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Whenever Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day roll around, I enjoy celebrating and reflecting. However, I  never quite know what to say that doesn’t sound trite – especially on Memorial Day when those who I would thank are already gone.

So, although my social media accounts did not reflect my gratitude yesterday, to all those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, we remember and honor you. And we celebrate in the way that you would want us to – with laughter, loved ones, good food, and freedom.

And tank tops that remind everyone that America is the greatest – because of those brave men and women who made it so.

1 - Merica

P.S. Forgive the poor lighting in this picture. I guess I need to find more than one spot to take pictures if I’m going to take them at inconsistent times.

P.P.S. If you don’t understand the shirt, please don’t tell me. My history teacher heart can’t bear it.


Positively Presidential

When it comes to churches, I’m more of a medium-sized church kind of girl.  Big enough to offer some fun programs/outreaches and to allow me to meet lots of different people, but small enough that I can actually find said people on any given Sunday morning.

Well, I never found that in Georgia, so I’ve been going to a giant church.  I don’t love it, but there are some perks, one of which is that big name musical artists and guest speakers come by alot.  Two weeks ago, for example, Dr. Ben Carson came.  And I wore this:
1 - red and navy dress, nude pumpsI suppose because I wore it to the State of the Union two years ago, I’ve deemed this my political dress.  But, really, it’s just perfect for the occasion – I mean, I’ve got red, white, and blue covered without looking like a flag. Perfect. Of course, I don’t really need to be patriotic to sit in an audience, but you just never know what’s going to happen, and so it’s a good idea to be prepared for any chance encounters or 15 minutes of fame possibilities (spoiler alert: nothing happened).

Have you ever been in the audience of a Presidential candidate – what did you wear?  Or what would you?

American Fall

Yesterday, we talked about my Rue 21 finds, and here’s another that I just couldn’t pass up.  Actually, I almost did miss this one and was about to put the other items back (I have this thing sometimes when I’m shopping that if I don’t REALLY want it, I’m too lazy to stand in line, even if said items are only $3 and $5 respectively).  But, as I was walking to the racks to put those items away, I came across this cardigan which was just too perfect to pass up, even with a steep $11 price tag.

So, I gathered my other clothes again, waited in line, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the tag was wrong, and this adorable baby was only $3 too!  My high-waisted button shorts (buttons not pictured) were also from that magical shopping day ($5), and of course, my Sam Moon America necklace perfected the ensemble.  With my over-the-knee boots, I was ready for a fall evening that really felt more like summer.
1 - American flag cardiganWhat do you think of this patriotic look?  Or boots with shorts?  I’m a fan of that trend, but it can look tacky if not done properly.  Have you tried it yet?

Country Music Festival: the Reveal

Well, everyone, I took all of your advice about what to wear to the country music festival last weekend into consideration…and I think I still failed miserably.  Not that what I wore wasn’t cute.  I just didn’t have on crochet shorts (because I bought a pair 3 years ago, so I’m tired of them now), or a kimono – so I wasn’t wearing what the other 20,000 or so girls were.  Which could be good or bad, I suppose, depending on how you look at it.

Following an excellent suggestion from Jeana, and realizing that I didn’t really have any cute rompers despite my great love for them, I immediately went out and bought this lovely black and white number from Target.  Paired with my hat, I felt very pretty…and more appropriate for a country club than a country concert.  Also, I lost the shoes about an hour in and walked barefoot the rest of the day, which kinda put a damper on my look, but saved my feet.  I always forget which shoes are actually comfortable – and which are definitely not.
1 - jump suit and floppy hatThis second look is a little more on-track.  Every girl who wasn’t wearing crochet shorts was wearing American flag shorts.  So, I fit in a little better on the second day of the festival.  I didn’t love this outfit only because it’s a little more basic, which isn’t as fun for me personally.  But, when it poured, I was grateful to be wearing something that would not get ruined by a little rain.  (Side note, I did not wear my hat, because I ended up wearing my hair up, but I was very torn about that decision, so I thought I would give it a little air time here).  1 - Americana shorts, baseball capAs you likely surmised, I took these pictures after the fact; I’ll show you the action shots in just a moment. But, one last thought – as you know, I completely over-thought this whole picking out outfits thing.  However, it was SUPER hot, we did sit on grass, and it did rain.  So, really, all of my concerns happened, and I was glad not to have long sleeves, a short skirt, and soggy boots.  Or a terrible sunburn.

Here is the day 1 look (or, as I like to call it, the one where I look like Casper):

wpid-20150516802014739.jpgAnd no full outfit shot for day 2, but here’s real life:

wpid-0517151614.jpgSo, how did I do?  I feel like there is still room to grow for next year, but at least now I know what to expect.  Let me know what you think I should keep or change for next time!

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