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Wedges in Wonderland

Tomorrow’s Instagram style prompt is “Wedges and Wonderland”.  It would be super easy to just do an outfit with wedges for this one…after all, I wear wedges about 4 of 7 days a week.

But, I thought the Wonderland part was interesting.  When I think of Alice in Wonderland, I think of COLOR!  So, I looked for one of the most colorful pieces in my wardrobe, and came up with this look.  It also reminds me of the scene in the cartoon where Alice is in the garden of flowers – possibly the only time flowers have ever truly terrified me.  But that’s neither here nor there.

1 - Wedges in WonderlandThe days for wearing this dress, these shoes, and this belt are waning quicker than I’d ever like to admit…so I’m glad I got them in at least one more time before it’s too late for this year.  What do you think of my interpretation of Wedges in Wonderland?

I’m on a Boat

I’ve been on this major nautical kick lately.  I’m not really sure where it came from, but this rope belt makes it very easy to achieve.

Even without a rope belt, the nautical look is super simple.  Basically, just pair navy with any bright solid color (think your 8-box of crayons from elementary school) and white.  Stripes and brass buttons also make the look, but if you want to keep it clean and simple, navy, white and a color is the way to go!

What you can’t tell from this picture is that my sweater is wool-weight and I wore it on a day where the heat index was over 100 degrees.  Sometimes, I make poor decisions for the sake of fashion.  Had I had a nice, light-weight navy cardi, I would have worn that one instead.  But I do not, and once I get an outfit idea in my head, there’s really no turning back, so I suffered in silence.  Really, though, since my office is usually kept at a tundra-esque temperature, I was generally pretty comfortable.

Now I just need to find a man with a yacht…suggestions, anyone?

Dress: JCPenney
Cardigan: Hand-me-down
Belt: off a shirt I bought at H&M
Shoes: Nine West (which, by the way, is a terrible brand for me and now having had several pairs, I’ll never buy again.  But, these are cute)

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