Last week I promised that I’d get all of the holiday outfits out of my system about the time we all took our decorations down.  Since my tree is still going strong (partly because taking down Christmas decorations is super depressing, mostly because I’m just lazy), I did not lie.  But this one will be it.  I’m pretty sure.

I went to a Christmas costume party a few weeks ago – I didn’t really know there was such a thing, but apparently there is.  I do love themed parties, but I love sequins and the Colts more.  So, with my Santa hat, I gave a nod to the theme, and wore whatever else I wanted.  Apparently it worked just fine, since Christmas Captain Jack Sparrow (the regular Jack with tinsel in his hair) proposed to me.

1- Colts santaSide note: I think I took this picture at the end of the night, because I’m sure my curls looked better than this when I left the house.

And that about wraps up the holidays for me.  But don’t worry.  You’ll still see more of my tree because it could be a while before it comes down, and it’s too cold right now to take any pictures outside.

Happy 2015, everyone!