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80 Days of Shoes: Mock-Croc pt. 2

I guess since it’s after Labor Day, I can’t call this 80 Days of Summer Shoes anymore…it’s just 80 Days of Shoes (which, of course, is laughable, because we won’t hit all 80 until probably sometime after Easter).

These shoes are a little more actually professional than I prefer my footwear to be.  But, gray is a perfect color for so many things, the croc print and patent leather make them interesting, and they’re actually super comfortable.  So, three out of four ain’t bad.

DSC_0752A lot of people talk about not wearing scarves in summer because it’s too hot.  I’ve never really understood that.  Yeah, summer is hot.  I live in Georgia – I know this as well as anyone.

But, really, how many of us who could wear scarves are going to be in a place that does not have air conditioning?  We’re not talking about construction workers or life guards sprucing up their outfits – just office workers or SAHMs going from their home to their cars to their A/C’d activities.  I’m just saying is I think summer scarves deserve a second chance.

I decided to pair my scarf with a very light and breezy dress, so everything else I was wearing would keep me cool, if I did have to walk outside for any reason.  And, the scarf is draped so loosely, it’s not going to add significant weight to any part of my body, including my neck.  1 - blue dress, scarfIf you’re really nervous about scarves, there are many light-weight, almost gauzy and open-weave scarves available that add some more interest to a basic look.  Maybe I’ll post a video sometime, too, about how to tie scarves, as I also regularly hear people say they just don’t know how to wear them.  I’m convinced scarves are a year-round, universal look, and that’s a soap-box I’m just not willing to climb off.

80 Days of Summer: Merica, pt. 2

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I hope y’all had a really great time celebrating the ol’ US of A this year, but I also hope you aren’t ‘Merica’d out (now or ever), because this week on Tastefully Trendy, we’re going to keep the celebration going a little bit longer…

Last week, you saw my ridiculous packing.  A 3-day trip had about two weeks worth of patriotic clothing.  I’ve never claimed to be subtle.


One of the five pairs of shoes I brought were the white ones you see pictured above.  They are still white, despite having owned them for about 8 years, because I clearly never wear them.  They are from Wal-Mart, and although I love a good bargain, sometimes you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort.

But, I keep them around because they are a great summery looking shoe, and in this case, provided the perfect compliment to my retro-feeling get-up.  With my pearls, polka-dots, scarf, and sunglasses, I was heralding one of my favorite eras in Americana – the 1950s.  Of course, the hemline and wrapped skinny belt kept the look current and not too costume-y.

wpid-wp-1404783006778.jpeg By the way, my hair is a Pinterest or Buzzfeed ‘do and super easy – your basic sock-bun, with a thin scarf (in this case, a long rectangle, but I’ve also used a rolled-up square) tied around the bun.  I like the fresh take on the easy-to-do hair trend.

Did you all embrace the red, white, and blue this weekend?  Show me your looks, so I can feature other fun patriotic ensembles!


80 Days of Summer: Neon Flats

I have a couple pairs of shoes that are sure to get compliments every time I wear them.  These are one of them:

DSC_0049I never claimed to be subtle.

For this look, I paired the statement shoes with a scarf containing the same color.  One statement wasn’t enough for me, though, so I paired two different stripe patterns…stripes for days!

Obviously, I had to keep the rest of the outfit pretty tame – there was a lot going on already.  So, I cuffed some non-skinny jeans (it’s still always odd to me when I wear jeans that aren’t skinny…but looser fits are coming back, y’all!), added a couple rose gold bracelets (I’m obsessed with rose gold right now), and called it a day.

Striped scarf, neon shoesHow do you feel about neon shoes?  Do or don’t?  And what about looser jeans?  Are you excited to let your legs breathe again?

80 Days of Summer: Knock-off Keds

This weekend I had another date – this time, to a minor league baseball game.  Several thoughts on this: first of all, a baseball game is probably my perfect date.  Second of all, the weather on Saturday was custom-made for an evening at the ball park.  Third of all – what in the world was I supposed to wear?

I know what to wear on a first date.  I know what to wear to a baseball game.  I just wasn’t really sure what to wear on a first date to a baseball game.  How do you balance looking your cutest with coming across as cool and casual and like you didn’t try too hard?

Fortunately, I have a brother who is probably more skilled at fashion than I am – you may remember Silas from Menswear Mondays of yore.  I called him up and he talked me down from the ledge, and actually suggested I wear some Keds; I, of course, took his advice.
Thank you, Taylor Swift, for bringing back this childhood classic.  A note about my shoes – this is one example of where skimping on price can kinda bite you.  I think paying $40 or more for Keds – which we used to buy at K-Mart – is a little silly.  So, I got this pair at H&M for $12.  And I love the color.  But, the quality is lacking a little, as you can see by the way they dent in at my toes.  They’re the right size – just not sturdy enough to hold their shape.  Oh well.  I doubt my date noticed my dented toes.

Cuffed jeans are all the rage, so I paired them with my kicks for a casual look that would also be warm after the sun set, and then added a light-weight cardi and scarf that kept everything very feminine (because lavender jeans weren’t feminine enough for me, I guess).

So, how do you think I did?  Trying too hard, not trying hard enough, just right?  What would you wear to a baseball game first date?  Have you jumped on the Keds train again?  Let me hear from you!

Purple jeans, green shoes

Uniqlo cardigan

Mavi stretch jeans

Keds shoes


80 Days of Summer (Shoes) – The Intro

Last weekend, I was in Virginia Beach, aka God’s country, aka the most wonderful place on earth. While I was there, I was talking to my friend Celeste about how many shoes I own, because I had just moved and counted them. I guess that makes me a nerd.

Anyway, Celeste had a wonderful idea. She suggested that I blog about my shoes. I mean yes, I do wear shoes regularly, so in a sense I’ve always blogged about them, but I’ve not specifically featured each pair.

So as you may have guessed by the title of this post, I will be taking this summer, plus or minus a few weeks, to showcase each one of my shoes. I have at least 80 pairs*, and I anticipate adding a couple more over the course in the summer. Note: I do not count flip flops.

So, welcome to this new adventure. I hope you enjoy the journey through my closet as much as I have enjoyed building it.


The shoes above were a gift from my sister who went on a mission trip to Scotland many years ago. Actually, she bought them for herself. I’m not sure how I inherited them, but obviously they’re adorable. And, I loved mixing the polka dots with the star scarf and the striped bangle (which, of course, I bought in India – obvs). The patterns added just a little interest to the outfit, but the uniform color scheme kept everything in good taste.

* Disclaimer: periodically throughout my life, and especially since coming back from India, I struggle with how materialistic I may or may not be. I realize 80 pairs of shoes is a lot. However, I usually come to the conclusion that since I’m not going into debt buying shoes or clothing, and since I really do take joy in fashion, that it is an allowed expression of my artistic side. (Also, I’ve had many of these for several years, & I really pay more than $20 for shoes. So there’s that.)

From India with Love

You all should probably just get used to the phrase, “I bought this in India.” Its going to take me a while to cycle through all the things I bought.


Next up is this beautiful yellow scarf. I need another scarf like I need the proverbial hole in my head, but it was just so pretty, and as much as I like yellow, I really don’t have a lot in the color. So, purchase justified.

I also bought this wooden bangle in India.  It was used and quite dirty, and although the guy said he’d polish it, that shockingly never happened…  Fortunately, my mother is a wizard with dish soap, and my $2.50 diamond in the rough looks almost as good as new.  Maybe one day I will learn these matronly, domestic skills. As of right now, I fear for my children.

Yellow scarf and blue skater skirt

Pleated skirt

Merona shoes

Tie scarve

Wide belt

TBT: When I was 3 months younger

Today I am at a career fair for my new job. It’s a bit surreal to be back doing what I had done pretty exclusively for the last 4 years, but from a completely different perspective and with a largely different objective.
I pulled out the old profesh clothes, dusted off my recruiter shoes, and tried to make myself look both approachable, yet knowledgeable.  Hopefully, I was successful, because I talked to a ton of people and would hate for them to have all been disappointed.

The (professional) little black dress was always my go-to for recruiting, and I wore my teal shoes pretty often (you’d be surprised how much teal goes with) because they are comfortable, but cute and unexpected.  The tights were to keep me warm (although, they are hole-y, so they didn’t keep me THAT warm), but also to add some pizazz.  And, of course I accessorized with products from our store – that’s just good marketing sense (I know marketing – I watch Mad Men).

BTW – the scarf, headband, and shoes all have the teal accent color – that just made the 12-year-old-who-used-to-wear-all-one-color-from-head-to-toe inside of me very happy.

Take a letter, Maria

I don’t really have anything clever to say about this outfit.  I just like polka dots and scarves (this is a traditional scarf, btw – I just tied the ends together to make it into a more trendy infinity scarf) and little envelope earrings.
Oh, and headbands.  So, I really liked this outfit.

  • Pants – Target; similar here
  • Shoes – Payless; similar here
  • Blouse – JCPenney

Lavender’s blue, Lavender’s green

Oh, the joys of working in a casual environment.  My lavender (yes, that’s what color these jeans actually are) jeans are getting way more time in the sun, and I couldn’t be happier!

My mom gave me this pretty infinity scarf for my birthday, and I used that as the basis for my outfit.  I liked the dressier blouse with the casual jeans.  It’s a great way to have a pretty effortless look that looks way more pulled together (and appropriate for the office – even a casual one) than a basic tee or sweater.

Whenever I have a place with a guest room, I’m planning to decorate it in soft purples/lavenders and white – there is just something so crisp about the color combination.  The gray and silver accents the colors nicely without competing.  I loved this look.

  • Blouse – H&M
  • Jeans – Forever 21
  • Booties – Charlotte Russe
  • Jewelry – gifts
  • Scarf – gift from Rue 21 (they seriously have the prettiest scarves)

Happy Birthday to me!

As you all know, there are few things I love in life more than sequins (a well-lit picture, perhaps, but I’ve given up on that dream).

Sunday was my birthday, and I can think of no better reason to wear sequins than my birthday (after all, that’s pretty much a green light to doing whatever you want).  So, I toned down the glam of my skirt by adding a more casual blouse and scarf (which does have turquoise in it to nicely complement the seafoam skirt – you just, of course, can’t tell that from my photo).  The unique bracelet was a gift from my mother, and I loved how it tied both colors together and added a little more interest to the look (because clearly, sequins and a colorful scarf are not enough interest).

What’s your favorite thing to wear when you want to feel special?

  • Skirt: TJ Maxx
  • Blouse: JCPenney
  • Scarf: a Christmas gift from my aunt
  • Booties: Charlotte Russe
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