I really love hats.  I always have, I think, but it wasn’t until the past few years that I developed enough courage to wear them (and to all of you who think you can’t wear hats, I firmly believe that’s all you need: courage.)

So, whether it’s a beret, a baseball cap, a Colts Santa hat, a cloche hat (think 1920s – the round ones), or something that would make Pharrell and/or Smoky the Bear proud, I’m all about it.

The unfortunate thing, though, is that I cannot for the life of me get a good picture of myself wearing a hat!  I’ve tried several times before, but I’ve never blogged those outfits because the pictures looked ridiculous. It’s the weirdest thing – I look fine in the mirror (and, according to people who see me, so it’s not just in my head), but on camera, I look straight out of the tacky store.

1-navyrangerhatThis is honestly the best I could do.  You should know that I wear this hat backwards, because worn correctly, it looks straight up Canadian Mountie.  But, in real life, it did not sit this far back on my head, nor look quite as witch-esque as it appears here.  No explanation.

I even tried to take a mirror selfie, thinking maybe I could capture in the photograph of the mirror what I actually was seeing in the mirror. But, taking a selfie with a real camera is no easy task.  Here’s my best effort. Take it or leave it.

My personal preferences aside, hats really are in right now.  When I was in the hipster part of Nashville last week, I counted at least 4 or 5 women out of maybe 50 in a bar wearing them.  So, are you going to jump on the trend?  What kind of hats are your favorite?