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Inspiration in Various Forms

On Monday, I promised another creative take on one of my dresses. I love dresses, but I have a hard time hanging on to them for long, because they are what they are – meaning, you can’t mix and match much. So, I tend to get tired of them pretty quickly.

But, the past few weeks, I’ve tried mixing things up a little by adding cardigans and belting them for a new look. Last week, I got even crazier and layered a lace top over one of my dresses – and I LOVED IT!!!! Seriously, it might be my favorite creation in a long time, and judging by the comments I got that day, I’d say others liked it, too.

1 - black and yellowThe trick to layering, of course, is necklines and sleeves. If the neck were too low or high – or a V-neck – it wouldn’t work. Likewise, if this dress had sleeves showing through the lace, it would be weird. But the fashion muses were on my side this time, and everything matched up perfectly.

Usually when I wear this top, I wear a black cami under it, so the uneven lace edge is completely lost. The yellow background really highlighted it and showed off the pretty detailing. My flower shoes added just the right touch to tie everything together.

True story: it was raining when I was picking out my clothes this morning. If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I like to wear black when it rains – and pretty much only then. So, I started out my clothes-choosing process I intended to wear black, and this was the best I could do. I just can’t help myself with bright colors!

But, more importantly, way back in 2013 when I first started talking about wearing black in rainy weather, I said it sounded like it should be a song – and my friend Sage wrote one! It was one of the coolest moments for me as a blogger, but even more amazing, her band, Twisted Tapestry, now has an EP out, and you can buy “Only Wear Black” wherever fine music is sold. And you should – support local music!

Lady in Yellow

I don’t know how many of you follow me on Instagram, but I’ve been doing this super fun style challenge over there.  I guess you’d call it microblogging, if that’s still a term.  Anyway, head on over and follow tastefullytrendysb for advance looks at some of my outfits, as well as some things that will never make it to my actual blog.  I’d love to connect with you!

And now, for the matter at hand.

Yesterday, I got to hear Tim Tebow speak at a church in Knoxville.  It was super inspirational, and I’ll be talking about it more in the coming days, I’m sure.  But today, let’s talk about how difficult it is to pick out an outfit to meet one of the most well-dressed men in the US.  Of course, we didn’t actually meet, but I had to prepare for any situation, and since my seat ended up being on the 4th row, I’m so glad I picked something that stood out – like BRIGHT yellow.

Naturally, when I posted a picture on social media and tagged Tim in it, I was doing so from my phone and accidentally picked the one where my mouth is distorted and the dress looks too big.  But, whatever.  The better picture now lives here, and that’s more important, right?
What do you think of my choice?  Appropriate and noticeable enough without being too much?  Or none of the above?  How do you feel about my Easter egg color combo?  Can’t wait to hear from you!

  • Dress: JCPenney, several years ago (it was legitimately my Easter dress)
  • Shoes: Payless – I really do love their comfort line.  They are actually comfortable, cute, and these were only $15, so if they only last a season or two, I’ve still got my money’s worth.

What to Wear: Hob-Nob Edition

Y’all know I like hanging out with my Congressman.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity again when he was in town working on some anti-trafficking legislation.  Which means, I also had the opportunity to break out some of my old law-school profesh clothes.  They say you can’t go home again, but sometimes I like to pretend.

Yellow dress and loafers

Indian Summer

The days of wearing my pretty yellow dress this year are numbered.  I can add a brown cardigan or blazer and extend it’s life a little later into the fall, but not much.  Soon, it will have to be retired until next year.

So, I wanted to get one more summer wear out of it.  The weather right now is sunny and mid-70s; the kind of weather that makes me want to wear color.  I went with one of my go-to palettes – the crayon box  – and came up with the outfit you see below.  I love the electric blue and yellow combination and the white belt gives it a very crisp, polished feel.

I don’t ever really put my summer clothes away, but it still makes me sad when some of my favorites have to lie dormant for a few months.  Do you have any pieces you hate to put aside for the changing seasons?  Any you’re really excited to bring back out?

Dress and heels: JCPenney

Summer in the City

I think this outfit speaks for itself. Happy summer!

Dress: JCPenney
Shoes: Gift from a friend (she bought them in yellow!)
Belt: JCP (came with another skirt)
Jewelry: Random cheapo stores

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