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80 Days of Summer: Ankle-Strap Espadrilles

While I’ve enjoyed this shoe-a-day project, it has caused me to turn a bit more critical eye on my shoes.  Several times, I’ve blogged a pair only to decide that was the last time I’d wear them.  Nothing like a good camera with decent lighting to show you just how poorly you treat your footwear.
DSC_0557I was particularly sad to get rid of this pair.  Ankle straps are one of my favorite shoe features – second only to bows, probably. From the picture above, you probably can’t really tell why they had to go.  But, from this angle…

DSC_0558you can see that they did.  RIP cheap but cute espadrilles.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, school is back in session, football is about to kick-off, and it’s about time to start pulling out the transition clothes.  A good shirt-dress is a great way to move from summer to fall – a plaid or other less-summery pattern conjures up images of corn mazes and bonfires.  But, a light-weight fabric and the shorter length keeps you cool when you live in Georgia where it will still be 108 degrees until October 15.
1 - Plaid shirtdress, red ankle strapsAnd, when the leaves really do start to turn, switch out your wedges for some booties, and you’re all set for autumn!

80 Days of Summer: Cherry Blossoms

I’ll never forget the day I bought these beauties (and I’m super sad this picture is blurry, because these shoes are perfection; the small picture in the collage is a little clearer).  I was shopping with a friend and when I found these on clearance at Forever 21 (this was right before I decided I could no longer wear cheap shoes), they were a no-brainer.  I mean, really, who doesn’t need black and white lattice shoes with white flowers and red cherries on them? Plus, I love their vintage vibe.

20140515_085335My friend was a little worried that I’d have nothing to wear with them, but that’s never stopped me before.  Today’s combination might not be the most exciting, but it is a classic look and one that allows these shoes to do all the hard work.
Do you ever buy shoes first, and then build the outfit around them?

Black shirt dress, plaid pumps

80 Days of Summer: Rainbow Wedges

These are one of the pairs of shoes I bought before I realized that I’m too old to wear cheap shoes…

So, I wear them because they’re cute and summery, but my feet slide around in them a little bit so they don’t get as much as use as a great multi-colored wedge should.
Still, the stripes are an excellent foil to the stars on my denim shirt-dress, and the blues match perfectly, tying everything together.

imageHonestly, I’m not sure why I have so many of these elastic-waist dresses.  It’s not really the MOST flattering style on me.  I suppose part of the reason is that they’re EVERYWHERE, and part of it is that because I couldn’t wear them at all a few pounds ago, so I’m making up for lost time.  Either way, do what I say, not what I do, and always buy clothes that flatter you and therefore make you feel your most confident – rather than focusing on whatever’s the most “of the moment.”

Or ignore me completely and buy whatever you like.  You’re the star of this show!

Denim dress with wedges

Nine West peep toe pumps

Betsey johnson earrings

Pink jewelry
$32 – oliverbonas.com

Charlotte Russe thick belt


Welcome to the new and improved Tastefully Trendy blog!  I’d been wanting to give my blog a more professional look for some time, so when I had a little time this weekend to play around with it, I came up with what you now see.

A few comments.  I don’t LOVE this new layout, but I was limited in what I could do without any coding knowledge.  I say that only to say, if I change my mind again in a few weeks, please bear with me.

Second, you’ll note that all of the sections you used to see expanded on the right side of the screen (archived posts, labels, followers, etc) have now been compressed cleanly into a few boxes.  But, everything is still there!

And, you’ll notice you can scroll forever now.  This is one of the features of this layout I don’t actually love, but maybe it’ll suck people in better.  Without having to click “older posts”, readers will lose all self-control and keep reading forever and ever and ever…  Maybe.

So, I hope you like it!  Or at least can tolerate it. I do like the heavier emphasis on featuring pictures, since that is really what this blog is all about.

While my blog may be fresh and new, I’m decidedly in a rut with my wrist wear.  I’ve worn this watch almost every day for the last week.  Yes, it’s cute.  And yes, it goes with everything.  But, my other bracelets are beginning to feel lonely.  So, I apologize for the boringness of the next few days’ jewelry.  I’ll try to get this out of my system and return to creativity.

Dress: Old Navy
Tank top: Old Navy
Necklace: I don’t remember, but isn’t it super cute?
Shoes: Love Culture

We Danced

Happy Friday!! It’s summer time – if not by weather or even by the calendar, at least by mentality. Summer time at the beach means dressing up cute, going dancing, and showing off that incredible tan!

In the absence of a tan (my lot in life), two out of three isn’t so bad.  In celebration of a friend’s birthday last Friday, I headed out to my beloved honky-tonk.  While I wasn’t feeling the boots, I couldn’t go too dressy without looking very out of place.  So, I opted for some strappy heels (a Ross find – Nine West, I think?) made more casual by pairing them with shorts and a wide tan belt.  My top is actually a dress from Forever 21 (sorry for the blurry picture), but it was too short to wear by itself (you never know when you’re going to be dancing with a dipper) so by belting it, I could keep it in place at shirt length.  I completed the look with a bright green clutch, some simple dangly earrings, and bracelets that tied everything together. And judging by the number of men who asked me to dance…I’d say I pulled it all off pretty well. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Black without Mourning

The key to success in life is compromise. (And a well-stocked chocolate supply, but let’s focus on compromise.)

The past few days it has been nothing but overcast and rainy – i.e., depressing.  I’ve always dressed for the weather, for some reason.  Not temperature wise, necessarily – I’m often freezing or sweating – but mood wise.  So, if it’s rainy, I can’t bring myself to wear my bright colors.  Likewise, you’ll almost never see me in black on a pretty, sunny day.

When it’s overcast for days on end, though, I have to add some color or risk getting depressed myself.  So, I decided to stick with the black base and liven it up with springy accessories – a butterfly necklace, pumps with a flower adornment, and green, yellow, and blue accents.

My hope was to trick the weather with some spring color into remembering it’s time for April showers to end and May flowers to begin.  I’m not sure I was successful, but at least I felt better about life by doing it.

One Man’s Trash

I realize that I have a lot of clothes.  I’m most acutely aware of this when it comes time for me to move and I have to haul them all somewhere. 

But, despite my first world materialism, I find it quite easy to sleep at night.  How?  Because I get clothes for free.  All.  The. Time. 

Like this dress, I’m wearing.  Cute, right?  I got it at a swap party.  If you’re not familiar with swap parties, you should be.  It’s when you get together with friends, eat food (obviously), and swap clothes/accessories/shoes/household items you no longer use or want.  Whatever is left over goes to Goodwill, where it would have ended up, anyway, but sometimes it’s nice to know that your stuff is going to a good home. 

My friend Kim owned this dress before me, but she never quite liked how it fit her.  I usually don’t do well in shirt-dresses, either, but for some reason this one worked great.  So, I got Kim’s dress (and really, a ton of other nice things).  I don’t think Kim got anything of mine, mostly because I had just taken a bunch of clothes to Goodwill.  But, in the future, I’ll be better prepared for this brilliant party and I can bring some more desirable cast-offs for someone else to treasure. 

Since I’m seldom one for all black affairs, I made this dress a bit more colorful and springy with my favorite multi-colored flower shoes, a cute bracelet, and beaded necklace.  The ring was a Christmas gift from my mom and the pearl picks up the yellow in my other jewelry and shoes.

Violets are Violet

One of my favorite color combinations is purple and green.  They’re complimentary colors on the color wheel and they appear together in nature, so it’s also totally normal.  On a casual day at work a few weeks ago (read: my boss was out of the office), I wore the outfit below.  Since this shirt dress covers everything it should, I can wear it with leggings and not violate my mandatory no-leggings-as-pants rule (unlike my antics during Snowmageddon).  

I kept the overall outfit neutral so the accessories really stood out.  My purple necklace and shoes coordinated great with the awesome emerald green (Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year, btw) bracelet that my friend Julianne bought me in Mexico, and I tied it together with a pretty multi-colored sparkle skinny belt.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at another green and purple combination.  And probably a thousand more over the course of this blog because it really is one of my favorites.

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