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80 Days of Summer: Knock-off Keds

This weekend I had another date – this time, to a minor league baseball game.  Several thoughts on this: first of all, a baseball game is probably my perfect date.  Second of all, the weather on Saturday was custom-made for an evening at the ball park.  Third of all – what in the world was I supposed to wear?

I know what to wear on a first date.  I know what to wear to a baseball game.  I just wasn’t really sure what to wear on a first date to a baseball game.  How do you balance looking your cutest with coming across as cool and casual and like you didn’t try too hard?

Fortunately, I have a brother who is probably more skilled at fashion than I am – you may remember Silas from Menswear Mondays of yore.  I called him up and he talked me down from the ledge, and actually suggested I wear some Keds; I, of course, took his advice.
Thank you, Taylor Swift, for bringing back this childhood classic.  A note about my shoes – this is one example of where skimping on price can kinda bite you.  I think paying $40 or more for Keds – which we used to buy at K-Mart – is a little silly.  So, I got this pair at H&M for $12.  And I love the color.  But, the quality is lacking a little, as you can see by the way they dent in at my toes.  They’re the right size – just not sturdy enough to hold their shape.  Oh well.  I doubt my date noticed my dented toes.

Cuffed jeans are all the rage, so I paired them with my kicks for a casual look that would also be warm after the sun set, and then added a light-weight cardi and scarf that kept everything very feminine (because lavender jeans weren’t feminine enough for me, I guess).

So, how do you think I did?  Trying too hard, not trying hard enough, just right?  What would you wear to a baseball game first date?  Have you jumped on the Keds train again?  Let me hear from you!

Purple jeans, green shoes

Uniqlo cardigan

Mavi stretch jeans

Keds shoes


Menswear Mondays

Hey guys, I’m back from traveling,and I’m starting a new feature on the blog.  Today might be the most exciting day ever!

I’ve recently been asked to write about menswear sometimes on my blog – you know, the basics, what girls like, etc.  Unfortunately, I don’t really know a lot about menswear – a curse of the usually single.

So, I recruited someone who does – my brother, Silas.  Silas and I are very similar in a lot of ways, and self-proclaimed good taste in fashion is one of them.  I think he’s super awesome, so I was very excited when he agreed to help with my new Menswear Mondays. 

I’ll let Silas tell you about his style in a minute, but I do intend for these Mondays to become a series, so consider this the introduction.  (Disclaimer: if my brother gets bored and I run out of things to say about men’s fashion, these Monday posts may devolve into simply a Man Crush Monday. You’ve been warned.)

And now, with no further ado, I present, Silas:

When my sister asked me to write a post on her blog I jumped at the opportunity. Anyone who knows me knows I like being in the limelight. Although I’m not appearing on Jay Leno, this opportunity produced similar feelings of excitement for me. I’m not a professional nor do I claim to never make mistakes. However years of awkward phases, trying to find my own style have proved indeed to be a certain kind of trial by fire. (Read: skater shoes, print hoodies, gym shorts, print t-shirts)  This post will simply be an introduction. If SB is pleased with my work, hopefully she will allow me to post another covering the basics of a mature, casual, fall wardrobe.

Pictured: Old Navy straight fit jeans ($20), Timex Weekender watch with NATO strap ($35), Cotton V-neck sweater from goodwill ($2), Chaps navy gingham shirt ($25), L.L.Bean crepe sole moc boot ($90), Columbia leather belt ($25).

*I personally am not as thrifty as my sister. I find, however, that men’s clothing, specifically leather products and shirts are well worth the increase in price for the increase in quality. Men’s clothing styles are not trendy and do not change much over the years so lasting quality is a must*

Editor’s Notes: 
1) I didn’t know how to rotate that second picture, but I think he wanted it included just because it looked cool.
2) I hope the comparison to Jay Leno is short-lived.
3) Those skater shoes days were a dark time in our household.  I’m so glad Silas finally grew into the prep I always hoped he would be.
4) He says he’s not as thrifty, but you’ll note he shops at Good Will – an actual THRIFT store.  I don’t have the patience for all that, but kudos to those who do.  As you can see, there are some great finds to be had.

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