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My Boss’s Mini-Me

Inspiration for my outfits really can come from anywhere.

Yesterday, my boss was wearing a blouse and cardigan very similar – in both color and style – to the ones I’m wearing below.  Her outfit made me think, “I haven’t worn a good all-over neutral look in a while.”  So, I told her I was going to copy her.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or something.

I did switch up her look a little bit, by wearing a white skirt (she had one that more matched the color of the cardigan) and adding tortoise shell pumps.  But overall, we could have been twinsies!

Also, while I decided to wear this yesterday, it’s raining again today.  Of course.  So, the black is appropriate.  (Maybe not the white so much.)

Shirt: Old Navy.  I literally bought this shirt in college – which was now a long time ago.  It’s been with me through thick and thin.  Also literally.
Skirt: H&M or something in France
Cardigan: also Old Navy.  The length kinda makes me feel like Mr. Rodgers.  But in a cute way?
Pumps: Charlotte Russe

100th Post Party!

Today marks my 100th Tastefully Trendy post! (Actually, I have a few drafts hanging around, so this is probably just short of 100, but go with it.)

To celebrate, I’m wearing a festive scarf.  This scarf was a good $4 deal from one of my favorite cheapo accessories stores, Body Central (as was the belt, actually).  I feel a little like the Chiquita banana lady when I wear it, but I love the colors, and judging by the compliments I got when I wore it, so do lots of other people. 

To highlight the fun of the scarf, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple. My skirt is a linen find from France (I think it may have come from H&M, but I can’t remember).  I outgrew it and gave it to my sister, then she changed sizes, I lost weight, and it made it’s way back home. And light-weight white cardigans are one of my spring/summer staples.  This one is still pretty white, which is a miracle.  I basically have to buy a new one every year because I’m a five-year old child when it comes to keeping white clean. 

Hope there is some color in your life on this rainy Monday!

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