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80 Days of Shoes: BOGO

Football season is here, y’all! To celebrate, I’m showing you two looks today: two shoes, two teams, two ways to celebrate – all for the price of one. It’s a big day here on my little blog.

My explanations will be minimal – for one, the outfits pretty much speak for themselves. A) Go Tigers. B) Go Colts. But, really, if I say much more than that, this post will be too long, and none of you will read it. So, you’re welcome.
DSC_0896These fake Sperry boat-shoes are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. I actually prefer knock-offs to the originals in this case because they’re more feminine. The toe on an actual Sperry is too long to be classified as “cute” – and of course, everything I wear has to be “cute”.

Why Clemson, you may ask? Because that’s where my brother went. Good enough reason as any, I think.
1 - ClemsonNext, these shoes are from Target, so I see someone else wearing them almost every day. They’re about the only pair of shoes that I’ve ever bought without trying on, though, and I don’t really like them on my feet. Too Biblical.
DSC_0967Why Colts, you may ask? Because Peyton Manning. And Tony Dungy. And Andrew Luck. Classiest organization in football.
1 - Luck jerseyI’m a little sad I forgot my blue and silver nails in this picture, but I’m sure you can imagine them.

How do you celebrate your favorite teams with fashion?

Dipped in Dye

Ok, this is my last Easter outfit for this year, but it may be my favorite.  As you saw yesterday, it’s not what I wore on Easter Sunday (although I did wear this dress for Easter last year).  Instead, I wore this outfit to work the last day before the holiday (who says we can only celebrate once?).

I’ve told you before that I derive inspiration from a lot of different things.  For this outfit, I was inspired by Easter eggs.  Literally, I woke up one day last week thinking, “I want to look like an Easter egg!”.  So, I searched my closet for something bright and colorful, came up with this Old Navy cardigan, added the dress (also from Old Navy by way of the thrift store), and completed the look with off-white shoes, a soft lavender necklace, my charm bracelet, and simple diamond studs (by diamond, I of course mean CZ’s).

I do have pink shoes that match the dress very well and always garner me a lot of compliments.  However, I don’t believe in being that matchy-matchy.  Although it’s sometimes an act of will for me to pass up such close matches, I knew I had enough color going on.  To add anymore would have made me look like a carnie. Easter egg I can handle (and people did tell me I looked like one – mission accomplished!), but a carnie is just going too far. 

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