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Inspired Look: People who Pack Well

The last time I blogged…seems like ages ago.  Well, I guess Monday counts, but the last time I blogged about myself was 2 weeks, 4 states, 2 countries, and countless cities ago.  So, it seems like it’s been a really, really long time.

In that blog, I promised you a look at my attempt to be a good-packer for my 12 day marathon journey through the Northeast.   I couldn’t figure out the best way to show you my packing list, so I just took a picture of my screen.  If you click on it to make it bigger, you can kinda read it.

The point is, I outlined every single day and tried to mix and match as much as possible.  It’s probably the most organized I’ve ever been for a trip, at least in terms of my packing (I left all of my flight confirmations on my desk…)  Yes, this list took forever to make, but I managed to stay at the weight limit of my suitcase – no small feat (technically, it was 51.5 pounds, but the guy was nice).

Here are a few of the outfits that came from my mixing and matching.  There are not more because I was lazy and didn’t take more pictures.  But you get the idea.

Below is one of the two suits I brought – I wore the suit itself twice, and I wore the skirt another time or two.

Next you’ll see one of those times were my suit skirt did double-duty.  Apparently, I took this picture before I’d ironed.

Here, you see my gray cardigan again, combined with the skirt for my other suit (one which you’ll recognize from my grandmother’s closet.)

That skirt and suit also got worn at least two other times.  However, as you can tell, I’m still not very good at mixing and matching my shoes…but 4 pairs of dress shoes for a 12 day business trip seems pretty reasonable, don’t you think?

Perhaps not my most exciting outfits, but it got me through until I was safely reunited with my full wardrobe.

Do you have any good mix-and-match tips?


I thought it might be a good idea to show you one of the reasons why blogging from the road is difficult for me – I have to wear boring things.

The outfit below is a typical look from a recruiting trip (although since the background of the picture is recognizable, you can tell I wasn’t actually on a trip when I wore this).  My suit is cute, but it’s still a suit – not a whole lot you can do with it.  I tried to spice it up with some cute patterened shoes – a subtle print-mixing is about all that is appropriate professionally – and some colored jewelry.  But, really, that’s all I could do.

Now, I don’t have to wear a suit to every event I attend when I’m away, but I do often wear them, and in the interest of space saving, I wear the same one multiple times.  I also have to plan every outfit in advance in order to pack, which really inhibits my creativity (my outfits usually come together very spontaneously).  So, my suitcase ends up being a rather jumbled bunch of boring professional clothes.

This week, my goal is to wear as many blog-worthy looks as possible so that I have a reservoir for when I’m on the road.  But, if the next two weeks end up looking like a lot of the same black dress with different scarves, at least you will understand.

You look like a grandma

This ain’t your grandmother’s suit.

 Unless, of course, your grandma happened to be Millie R., in which case – it actually is.

My grandmother was awesome.  She lived to be almost 92, and was one of the most dedicated Christians I know, always reading her Bible and praying for our family.  She was a world traveler.  She always carried that cool breath spray stuff.  And, she had impeccable taste.

My grandfather was the Clark Gable-lookalike mayor of the town; my grandma, the fashionable first lady.  Here’s a picture of them when they were dating…they’re beautiful.

Over Christmas, my mom let me sort through some old clothes from my grandmother, and I found lots of great things, including this seemingly never-worn suit.  You can’t really tell from the full-length picture, but in the side picture with the shoes, you can see it’s a grey pinstripe with cute little pleats on the skirt.  Perfect for me – professional, yet flirty – and I needed a new suit, anyway.

So, thank you, Granny, for being so classy and sassy.  I aspire to be half the fashion icon you were.

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