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Who Runs the World?

Another year, another patriotic holiday, another wearing of my favorite tank top. I paid about $30 for this shirt, which, for me, is basically an astronomical price for something that doesn’t even have sleeves. But, I’ve worn and loved it so much, I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth.

Whenever Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day roll around, I enjoy celebrating and reflecting. However, I  never quite know what to say that doesn’t sound trite – especially on Memorial Day when those who I would thank are already gone.

So, although my social media accounts did not reflect my gratitude yesterday, to all those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom, we remember and honor you. And we celebrate in the way that you would want us to – with laughter, loved ones, good food, and freedom.

And tank tops that remind everyone that America is the greatest – because of those brave men and women who made it so.

1 - Merica

P.S. Forgive the poor lighting in this picture. I guess I need to find more than one spot to take pictures if I’m going to take them at inconsistent times.

P.P.S. If you don’t understand the shirt, please don’t tell me. My history teacher heart can’t bear it.


TBT: Neon Light

Ages ago, I talked about a new feature on my blog – Throwback Thursday.  Basically, I had all these summer outfits I’d never blogged, and if I didn’t now, I never would.  This post is even more of a TBT because I actually wrote it weeks ago – I just didn’t ever publish it.  So, let’s take a step back in time, shall we?

So, as I sit looking at my beautiful Christmas tree in my cozy living room, let’s all have a moment of silence for summer and neons.  May the Christmas season be long and beautiful…and then summer come immediately.
1 - yellow tee, green shorts, pink shoesDo you miss the bright colors (I mean, seriously – I’m just color blocking every shade in the rainbow in this outfit) of summer, or are you happy with the rich, warm hues of winter, with boot socks and chunky sweaters? Also, do you have your Christmas tree up yet?  Send me pictures – I’d love to see!

Now that it’s January 7, I guess the more appropriate question is, have you taken your tree down yet?  I’m never in a huge hurry to take it down because everything seems so empty afterwards.  However, I am grateful that I have a January birthday, because that keeps this month from being a total downer.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

When Summer Fades to Fall

We’ve reached that awkward part of the year where I’m really tired of my summer clothes, but it’s too hot for wearing fall pieces.  Plus, if I switch over now, I’ll be sick of fall and winter clothes by, oh, mid-October…

So, I try to get real creative in these few weeks where summer is still raging, but you can smell the change of seasons in the air.  Sometimes it doesn’t work – there will probably be a lot of outfits I just don’t blog at all (sorry, I don’t need that kind of photographic evidence when I’m rich and famous).  But, then I do something like this outfit, and I’m satisfied with its cuteness.

What I love about this one is that the white keeps me summery – I only have until Labor Day to wear this skirt (just kidding, I think that rule is stupid, but the material is so lightweight that the days of wearing it left in the year are legitimately waning quickly).  However, the 3/4 length sleeves and dusty shade of blue (vs. the brights of summer wardrobes) hint at the cooler temperatures to come.  And, the closed toe patent leather wedges are more sensible than most summer shoes, while still not having the weight of boots.

1 - blue 3-4 sleeve, white skirtSide note: a see-through panel on the top of this shirt is a little awkward.  I tried about 5 combinations underneath before I settled on this black tank-top, which I still don’t love…but the black also serves to keep the outfit from looking too mid-summer.

How are you “weathering” the seasonal transitions?  Have you switched over totally, or, like me, are you trying to get creative with all your summer clothes that you’re really quite bored of wearing?  Let’s share some tips on getting through until football season is well under way!

Vacation Shopping!

One of my friends asked me last week if I’d help her find some clothes for her trip to the beach in August.  I was, of course, more than happy to oblige.

My friend had a couple specific things in mind, so I went to work.  Let me preface this by saying, if you want something specific in a designated amount of time, it is harder to find good bargains.  Most of my clothes have been obtained by just happening upon them; not by going out with a specific item in mind.

For the first outfit, she was looking for a sequin skirt in a tribal/Aztec print to wear with a simple tank and sandals.  I’ve seen these skirts a lot, but finding them online was a little trickier than I expected.  I did manage to find a few, though – the skirts on the left are all sequined; the one on the right is the print my friend wanted; just without the bling.

C's skirts

For the second outfit, my friend wanted some shorts – either lace or patterned, and preferably in blue or orange.  Well, shorts are much easier to find, and I was able to come up with quite a few choices I think she’ll like.

C's shorts

On the left are some patterned options (including one sequined Aztec print short), and the right are the lacy-options.  I realize it’s not the prettiest picture ever – cropping out models’ hands makes shorts look weird.  But, you at least get the point.

All of these items are for purchase  – just click the small pictures below each outfit.  And the shorts/skirts all come from some of my favorite stores for (fairly) reasonably-priced trendy clothes:  Dress Up (a Georgia boutique), Altar’d State (a faith-based store that gives back to the community with every purchase); Fiore (a sorority girl boutique), and Francesca’s (where my haul the other day was from).  If you’re looking for something specific and on a leaner budget, I would also recommend checking out Thread Up – it’s an online thrift store with a lot of cute clothes, a very user-friendly interface, and very affordable prices.

Also, I always feel compelled to say that I don’t really enjoy online shopping.  It takes the fun out of it for me really, plus sizing is hard.  But, if you hate malls, don’t have time to go to drive around shopping, or aren’t scared about possibly having to return something, it’s helpful.

And, if you need help shopping, I’m always happy to hassist!  At some point, I will have to start charging, but until then, let me use you as a guinea pig and we can find some great clothes together!  Happy Monday, everyone!

Teenage Dream

I’m going to be honest – this is not my most favorite outfit ever.  Mostly because I think it makes my hips look big.

However, I wanted to show you my attempt at bridging the summer-into-fall phase.  It’s just so awkward – like the middle school of the calendar year.   I thought maybe if I mixed some orange with navy and yellow my goal would be accomplished, but I think the white sweater kept it too sunny.  And since someone told me I looked like a summer princess, I clearly failed.

The struggle is real, y’all.

But, it’s been raining for the last four days, and I think 80 degree days are behind us, so perhaps my wardrobe can finally get it’s braces off, have a growth spurt, and stick to the appropriate season.  Only time will tell. 

Guess who’s back, back again

Remember back when I used to blog? I was so good at it – about four times a week, I faithfully chronicled my outfits, the good and the bad (okay, I edited  most of the bad), regaling you with witty or at least cheerful anecdotes of my money-saving shopping adventures.

And then I got sick for two weeks, during most of which I was out of town (which, by the way, largely means I was wearing unimaginative/easy-to-pack outfits, anyway).  I also broke up with my boyfriend (cue the violins) and have just largely been overwhelmed with life. 

But don’t worry – I’m home for the next week, and I’m finally starting to feel better (speaking only a little bit in faith), so at least for this week, Tastefully Trendy will be back in business! 

The good news, though, is that while I normally gain weight during my travel season – all those free warm cookies at the Doubletree! – I’ve actually lost weight this go-round.  Turns out I’m only an emotional eater if that emotion is boredom, and ain’t nobody got time for that!  (This is relevant because that means my clothes still fit.)

A couple disclaimers about this look.  1) I know my room is a disaster behind me.  I haven’t unpacked yet from either trip I’ve recently been on (re-read the first three paragraphs if you feel the need to judge me).  However, if I waited to clean my room before taking this picture, this cute outfit would have been lost forever.  2) The lighting isn’t perfect, I know.  But then again, when is the lighting in my pictures ever very good (someone help me!!!!)

Having said that, let’s talk about this outfit.  It’s October for goodness sake, but the weather is still beachy.  I know white after labor day is passe, but nevertheless, I can’t bring myself to wear neons in October.  So, I have to fall-up my summer clothes. 

I did that by wearing a 3/4 length chambray shirt – perfect for any season, really – that made my crochet shorts more casual and day time friendly.  The wide tan belt also helped accomplish that goal.  Although the colors in my necklace are a bit off in this picture, it’s very fall-y, combining yellow, blue, brown, and gold.  I added some gold accessories to keep the look feeling warm, (although, really, I wasn’t totally happy with my shoe choice.  I was just out of time to look further).  And voila –  I had a look that was both appropriate for the actual season and the temperature.

Do you have any tricks for bridging those awkward in-between-seasons days?

A Maxi to Build a Dream On

I’ve written about maxi dresses before. They’re the perfect summer dress, minus the whole usually-unflattering thing.  I love them in spite of myself.

So when I saw this one at JCPenney during my recent shopping spree for a mere $17 (including belt!), I just couldn’t say no.  I bought it without trying it on (something I rarely do), but I fully intended to return it if it didn’t work.  Fortunately, it did.

Now, I will say this is not the MOST flattering dress ever on  me.  I had to be assured by at least two people that I didn’t look pregnant in it.  I would also rather the belt sit just a smidge lower on my hips.  But, it’s such a pretty combination of blues and greens and I feel a little Greek goddess in it.  Also, the back ties (I don’t know why I forgot to take a picture of that), and you know I’m a suck for anything with a bow.

The one drawback to this dress is it’s a little too long for mini 5’3″ me.  I could get it tailored, but that takes away the fun of buying a $17 dress.  It also is a fabric that snags easily, which means that the shoes I chose to wore – complete with prongs holding the rhinestones in place – did not work.  So, I had to buy a new pair of shoes.  Total bummer, right?

I want a gold cuff to wear with this dress – I think it’ll really add to the goddess effect.  But, until I find one I really like, the bangles will do.

Summer is drawing to a close (tear!) and so maxis will soon be retired.  Have you gotten enough wear out of yours yet?

Dress/belt: JCPenney
Sandals: JCPenney
Unpictured sandals I bought to replace these: Target

Day Dates

So, the Backstreet Boys concert was exactly as you’d expect a Backstreet Boys concert to be…awesome.  There’s really nothing in the world quite like seeing a group of 40 year old men do choreographed dance as if it were completely normal to a crowd of screaming 20 and 30 somethings women.

Also – DJ Pauly D is the worst DJ ever.  Seriously.

Alas, I somehow failed to take pictures of my outfit for the show.  I’m not sure how Backstreet it was, but it was cute, and I was looking forward to showing you.

Maybe I’ll recreate it one day.  In the meantime, here is another cute outfit that I wore on a day date a few weeks ago.  Day dates are difficult – especially in the middle of a work day.  You want to look cute, but not like you’re trying too hard.  And, you have to still be work appropriate, which is seldom the same thing as date appropriate.

This is what I came up with.  A little print mixing, one of my go-to date dresses, and voila – a casual summer lunch date look.  Probably a little too casual for the office, really, but it was a Friday, so I pushed it.

What would you wear to a work-day lunch date?

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW

Summer in the City

I think this outfit speaks for itself. Happy summer!

Dress: JCPenney
Shoes: Gift from a friend (she bought them in yellow!)
Belt: JCP (came with another skirt)
Jewelry: Random cheapo stores

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