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A Dress for All Ages

Before I dive into this post featuring a BRAND NEW DRESS!!!, let me give a couple disclaimers:

  1. I still don’t know how to take pretty pictures. Even if I have a fancy camera. I just need to embrace it.
  2. I rarely enhance my photos, other than to adjust the exposure, etc. But, I for sure used an editor to make my legs look not quite as neon. You’re welcome.
  3. I don’t think this dress is quite as short in real life and when I’m not bunching it up on my hip. I say that only because my parents recently talked to me about “dressing my age” (feel free to roll your eyes…believe me, I did much more than that), and now they’re in my head.

With those things out of the way, I love this new dress.

It was one of my Old Navy finds, and although it’s about to go out of season, I’ll wear it another time or two before I save it for next fall. Burgundy/wine/maroon, etc. was for sure my color this winter, and I’m sincerely lacking in fall/winter dresses, so this is a perfect addition.

I’m wearing sunglasses in this picture because I thought I looked cool and they matched. But also because I cried most of my eye makeup off in church and took this right after, so, there you go.
Have you started switching to your spring clothes yet? As you can tell from the leaves and trees behind me, spring hasn’t permanently come to Nashville yet, but it’s sure trying! And as much as I like this little dress, I will not be sad to put it away for a few months, if it means warmer weather!

A Good Face for Radio

A few weeks ago, I went up to the local radio station to record an ad and an interview for work (you can listen to them here and here).  I knew it was very unlikely that my face would ever be shown (I mean, I guess they could have done a promotional shot or something), but it was a big deal for me, so I wanted to look the part.

Of course, “the part” for radio is probably whatever you feel like wearing.  And I felt like wearing a dress.  I didn’t want to go over-board with a business suit, or look like I was trying as hard as I was, so I added a cute, denim-striped, cropped jacket to tone it down, but still look professional and put-together.

1 - floral dress, cropped jacketDon’t you just love my cute envelope cross-body bag?  I bought it at a fun little boutique in Maryland earlier this year.  It’s hard for me to be minimalist enough to use something this small (I realize this is about the biggest fold-over bag known to man, but still) – however, it’s so cute, I make it work.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  And, in case I don’t say it enough, I do love seeing your looks – regardless of whether they were inspired by me or not.  So, please send them my way so I can feature you sometime!

80 Days of Summer: Merica, pt. 2

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I hope y’all had a really great time celebrating the ol’ US of A this year, but I also hope you aren’t ‘Merica’d out (now or ever), because this week on Tastefully Trendy, we’re going to keep the celebration going a little bit longer…

Last week, you saw my ridiculous packing.  A 3-day trip had about two weeks worth of patriotic clothing.  I’ve never claimed to be subtle.


One of the five pairs of shoes I brought were the white ones you see pictured above.  They are still white, despite having owned them for about 8 years, because I clearly never wear them.  They are from Wal-Mart, and although I love a good bargain, sometimes you get what you pay for when it comes to comfort.

But, I keep them around because they are a great summery looking shoe, and in this case, provided the perfect compliment to my retro-feeling get-up.  With my pearls, polka-dots, scarf, and sunglasses, I was heralding one of my favorite eras in Americana – the 1950s.  Of course, the hemline and wrapped skinny belt kept the look current and not too costume-y.

wpid-wp-1404783006778.jpeg By the way, my hair is a Pinterest or Buzzfeed ‘do and super easy – your basic sock-bun, with a thin scarf (in this case, a long rectangle, but I’ve also used a rolled-up square) tied around the bun.  I like the fresh take on the easy-to-do hair trend.

Did you all embrace the red, white, and blue this weekend?  Show me your looks, so I can feature other fun patriotic ensembles!


Sometimes She’d Shop

There may be this notion out there that I’m addicted to shopping. I’m not. I really have to be in the mood, because I get depressed when nothing I try on looks good, just like everyone else. But I do enjoy shopping when that mood hits, and I do have a lot of clothes and shoes.

Today I thought I would show you how I shop, though, so you can see why I’m not completely bankrupt, despite my extensive wardrobe.

Below is a picture of my mall finds from a spontaneous shopping trip yesterday (I went to kill time for a few hours by looking and apparently I was in the mood…oops!). You will note the following:

A maxi dress
2 belts
A tank top
2 pairs of heels
2 pairs of earrings
Nail polish
5 anti-bacterial things
The cutest sweater known to man
A ring (unpictured because I’d already put it away and forgot to take it out).

That’s a lot of stuff. Want to venture a guess on how much I paid?  I’ll give you a hint – full price, the dress/gold belt, and two pairs of shoes would have been $140. 

Any guesses?  Okay, time’s up!  The answer is $107.  Yes.  I got all of that for 1/3 less than the price of three of those items.  And that was with paying full price for the sweater, even (I never do that, but seriously – cutest sweater ever). 

Now if you’re a quality over quantity person, my method may not work for you – or may, at least, require a bit more patience and delayed gratification.  However, even at cheapo stores, you can find reasonably good quality things if you are selective. 

Sometimes, my method requires that you buy the belt you mostly like instead of the one you really like because it’s a difference of $1.99 and $4.99 – those $3 differences add up.  But, some other times, if you’re patient, you get the exact shoes you tried on a few months ago when they were full price, for $13. 

Here’s the breakdown of where everything is from, if you’re interested:
A maxi dress – JCPenney
2 belts – JCP (came with the dress) and Charlotte Russe
Shorts – Forever 21
A tank top – H&M
2 pairs of heels – JCPenney (Worthington brand)
2 pairs of earrings – JCPenney (they were free with a coupon!) and Wet Seal
Sunglasses – Charlotte Russe
Nail polish – Forever 21
5 anti-bacterial things – Bath and Body Works.  I now smell like fall.
Barettes – Wet Seal
The cutest sweater known to man – Love Culture
A ring (unpictured)  – Love Culture

Sunshine and Summertime

I hope everyone had as blissful a weekend as I did! A day off work, celebrating our military, combined with gorgeous weather, equals my idea of perfection. 

Saturday, the weather was beautiful and springy – a little cool for my first official weekend of summer liking – but great for wearing my new skinny jeans and Keds.  I say Keds like you say Kleenex – it’s a brand name that covers all similar products, because these are not name brand Keds.  Somewhere along the way from age 10 to age whatever I am now, Keds got all fancy and expensive.  So, I bought this pair from H&M which I like just fine.

My purple skinny jeans are from Forever 21 – and I think angels started singing when I tried them on.  Not because they look AMAZING on me, but because they actually fit at all.  You’ve probably heard me complain about colored skinny jeans.  For some reason, every manufacturer feels the need to make them SO tight that even my relatively thin legs look like stuffed sausage in them.  I have two pairs from Kohl’s that work well, but otherwise, I had written off colored-jeans as an impossibility. 

However, I’ve lost a few pounds recently, so when I saw this pretty color at my fave store, I had to at least try them.  And lo and behold, they worked!  I really do think those few pounds made the difference.  Having said that, though, let me make this clear – anyone can (and should!) look trendy and fashionable at any size!  There are so many choices out there; it’s all about trying things on and knowing what works and what doesn’t for your body shape.  However, for me to wear colored skinnies from F21, I had to lose just a little bit.  These are my celebration pants. 

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