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TBT: NYE 2013

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane and see how far Tastefully Trendy has come in the 2+  years since I began this great adventure!  Below is the very first post I did as a consistent fashion/personal style blogger.  (You’ll notice this post references some previous things I’ve written; those were embarrassing, and I’ve hidden them. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, this is the first.)  You can also click over to it here.

In many ways, I’ve progressed.  For one thing, my face is now in my pictures and you can generally tell what color I am wearing.  For another, my hair is longer.  Also, I learned how to center pictures.

But, in many, more important ways, I’ve stayed the same. This outfit is still on point, and I still love this skirt and wear it to any occasion that might possibly call for sequins.  My writing style is still sincerely self-deprecating.  But, hopefully, I’ve also remained true to my original goal of not only showing the world (aka my facebook friends) my favorite outfits, but also empowering women (and maybe a few men) to be confident in their own fashion abilities, realizing that clothing is not some unattainable, expensive social ritual, but that your wardrobe can actually be fun, no matter your size, shape, age, or tastes.

So, thank you all for following along with me over these past two years.  Here’s to many more!

(Oh, and P.S. – that hope that I could use this blog to help me pack for things was a pipe dream.  I remain ever yours, the worst packer ever.)


Happy New Year!

For the first time in a very long time, I made resolutions for the upcoming year.  One of them is to be a better blogger.

I have this fancy schmancy new phone now, and although it does distort colors somewhat (you might have to suspend disbelief when I tell you what the colors are), I think it’s an easy way for me to document what I wear every day, without having to sort through all those enticing Polyvore pictures.

Also, it may make my life easier when I go to pack – I will have a catalog of  great options.

So, thank you to everyone who encouraged me to blog again.  Your confidence in me goes a really long way, and I’m looking forward to a very tastefully trendy 2013!


Welcome to the new and improved Tastefully Trendy blog!  I’d been wanting to give my blog a more professional look for some time, so when I had a little time this weekend to play around with it, I came up with what you now see.

A few comments.  I don’t LOVE this new layout, but I was limited in what I could do without any coding knowledge.  I say that only to say, if I change my mind again in a few weeks, please bear with me.

Second, you’ll note that all of the sections you used to see expanded on the right side of the screen (archived posts, labels, followers, etc) have now been compressed cleanly into a few boxes.  But, everything is still there!

And, you’ll notice you can scroll forever now.  This is one of the features of this layout I don’t actually love, but maybe it’ll suck people in better.  Without having to click “older posts”, readers will lose all self-control and keep reading forever and ever and ever…  Maybe.

So, I hope you like it!  Or at least can tolerate it. I do like the heavier emphasis on featuring pictures, since that is really what this blog is all about.

While my blog may be fresh and new, I’m decidedly in a rut with my wrist wear.  I’ve worn this watch almost every day for the last week.  Yes, it’s cute.  And yes, it goes with everything.  But, my other bracelets are beginning to feel lonely.  So, I apologize for the boringness of the next few days’ jewelry.  I’ll try to get this out of my system and return to creativity.

Dress: Old Navy
Tank top: Old Navy
Necklace: I don’t remember, but isn’t it super cute?
Shoes: Love Culture

Tastefully Trendy: Explained

I thought I’d take a moment today to explain why my blog is called Tastefully Trendy – I don’t think I have before.

A while back, a friend asked how I would describe my style using only two words. She chose for herself “feminine classic ” – a very suitable label for her.  But I was a little stumped. I thought about it for a while. I’m fairly eclectic in my taste, and I like to incorporate elements of a lot of different looks – bohemian, tailored, feminine, sporty – depending on my mood. So to narrow it down to only two words was a bit tricky!
I realized, though, that I enjoy being an early adopter of certain styles and reading up on the latest looks in InStyle magazine. Accordingly, perhaps, I could be labeled trendy.

But to be truly trendy, one needs to be a more aggressive shopper than I am – hitting the stores at the beginning of the season, rather than waiting a few months – or even a year or two – for a style to drop in price. Being totally trendy also requires having either a second closet or a job that doesn’t demand professional dress on a regular basis. And trendy girls often wear things that if we were all truly honest are just ugly (I’m looking at you, long neon mullet skirts!)

So, I decided that the best way to summarize my style would be Tastefully Trendy. I like to think of Kate Middleton as the epitome of this category (although one could argue that she’s more classic than trendy). I love that Kate incorporates elements of trends into her outfits – lace, skinny jeans, polka dots – but she always stays appropriate for the occasion and looks impeccable without trying too hard.

Since I’m not a princess, I have the luxury of erring a bit further on the side of trends while still being business and age-appropriate. Sometimes, though, I play it pretty safe and err on the side of tasteful.

One of the beauties of fashion is that there are rooms for all different types of styles.  And whether you are consistent or more governed by your mood as I am, you definitely have one.  What two words describe your style – or maybe the style you would like to have?

Inspired Looks: Princess Kate

Today’s featured guest is none other than the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Why? Well, I’m kinda obsessed with her.  I mean, really – look at her.  She’s perfect.  No matter the occasion, Kate is always dressed appropriately and with impeccable taste, her hair is amazing, and she looks beautiful.  Even pregnant, she’s putting the rest of the fashion world to shame.  In my mind, she is the epitome of Tastefully Trendy.

However, the real reason Princess Kate is on my blog today is because you are not.  I need more submissions for Wednesdays’ Inspired Look features!  Whether my blog actually inspired you, or you just have a really great outfit you want to share, send it my way! 

I’d also love to hear from you hair and make-up pros out there – what are your greatest tips or go-to looks?  While I’m passably decent at both (although today’s look may get me some, “Hey the 80s called and they want their make-up back” jokes), I defer to the expertise of my friends to educate the world on those other aspects of looking put-together. 

So, let me hear from you!  You can email me at inhershoes77 AT gmail DOT com, or if you know me in real life, send me a text or facebook message.  I look forward to seeing how fabulous you are! 

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