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Goodbye, Snow Queen

As I was going through some of my older outfits to see what I hadn’t yet posted,  I found this last look from winter, and I figured I’d better blog about it now.  I don’t want it sitting in my picture folder as a bad omen welcoming winter back for one last final breath.

So, here is a look I wore when it was particularly frigid a few weeks ago.  I usually reserve my knit headband for outer wear, but that just means I hardly ever wear it.  So, on this particular day, I decided to stop wasting the cuteness and wear it all day.  Other than being a little itchy, it worked out great.

I matched it with one of my knit infinity scarves (that I would love to loop, if only it were a little longer/less suffocating), and my light weight sweater with the golden thread woven through it, with gold jewelry accents.  To finish off my neutral look, I added a pair of taupe boots.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I kinda wish I’d worn winter white pants with this outfit.  I like all monotone in winter; it looks so snow queen  But, oh well – maybe next year.  I’m definitely putting these bad boys away for at least the next 8 months.

1 - knit headband, infinity scarf

Twas the night before Christmas

I love dressing up for a Christmas Eve service (even if this year I was tired and feeling uninspired).  Of course, society is such that I’m now usually in the minority of those not wearing jeans, but that’s never stopped me before.

imageI had the added chore this year of having to pick from the clothes I’d haphazardly thrown into a suitcase while moving AND trying to match my brother so we could take a picture together (more on that on Monday).

Neither was an easy task, but after only two trips to my loaded-up car to look for things I’d actually already brought into the house, I managed to put together the festive look you see above.  Not too shabby, eh?

A special acknowledgement is due to the beautiful bracelet I’m wearing – a going-away gift from a dear friend in Virginia.

Do you dress up for Christmas Eve?  What did you wear, and what is your tradition for the night before Christmas?

  • Blouse: Granny
  • Pants: Target
  • Shoes: Ross
  • Bracelet: Macy’s
  • Scarf: gift
  • Pearl Earrings – my mom’s dresser

NYE 13

Happy New Year!

For the first time in a very long time, I made resolutions for the upcoming year.  One of them is to be a better blogger.

I have this fancy schmancy new phone now, and although it does distort colors somewhat (you might have to suspend disbelief when I tell you what the colors are), I think it’s an easy way for me to document what I wear every day, without having to sort through all those enticing Polyvore pictures.

Also, it may make my life easier when I go to pack – I will have a catalog of  great options.

So, thank you to everyone who encouraged me to blog again.  Your confidence in me goes a really long way, and I’m looking forward to a very tastefully trendy 2013!

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