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Two-fer Tuesday: Decade Parties

Y’all I’ve been busy, lately! I know I say that alot, but this time it’s been with fun things. Thank you, Nashville!

Two back-to-back weekends, I had decade-themed parties to attend, and if you know anything about me, you know I love dressing up for a theme!

The orderly side of my brain really wants to show these chronologically, but instead, I’m going to buck that instinct and save the better outfit/decade for last. So, first up – the 90s!

Even though I was in middle/high school during the 90s, I really had to do research to know how to dress for this party. As I googled, I realized why I remembered so little about the decade of my youth – fashion was AWFUL. Literally nothing about the 90s – from hair, to makeup, to shoes, to clothing – was flattering. Or even pretty. It’s one thing to look back and laugh at what you used to wear. It’s another to look back and want to immediately re-block everything from your memory.

I went the grunge path for my look. Some others at the party took the Blossom route, and that was cute, but would have required way more investment then I was willing to give.  With butterfly(esque) clips in my hair, dark lipstick, a plaid skirt, and the requisite shirt tied around my waist, I looked almost terrible enough to have stepped straight out of the 1990s. All I was missing were true combat boots. Oh, and a scowl.

1 - 90s plaidNow that’s out of the way, let’s focus on the 80s! This party was much more fun to dress for, as I could use a lot of my real life clothes, and I’m always a fan of bright colors. Also, can we bring back the 80s eye shadow? I literally had turquoise, purple, and pink (I used blush, so it was bright enough) on my eyelids, and it was the most fun ever!

Here is the headshot, complete with teased hair, popped collar, and the appropriate sideways glance:

80s headshotBesides the aforementioned tri-color eye shadow, my makeup for this look included bright pink blush in a streak on my cheek, and hot pink lipstick to match. None of this current tasteful balancing of subtlety and bold statements for the 80s – bright everything!

My favorite parts of this look are the details – all denim, in differing washes, a slap bracelet (an ode to the many taken from me by my kindergarten teachers), and the geometric earrings. Plus, Keds, tight-rolled jeans (hard to do on skinny jeans, btw), and the side pony. So, basically I love everything and would totally dress like this again if I could get away with it. I mean, these were all my regular clothes, anyway – I just don’t usually combine them this way.

1 - 80s neon with makeupOh, and can we talk about that jazzercise leg pop? Even the posing was fun!

So, now that I’ve made it very clear which decade I prefer, let’s talk about your favorite. Are you a grunge chick or a neon babe? What were your favorite childhood trends? How do you feel about bringing back the bright eye shadows…?

Let’s be nostalgic together!

Vintage Remix

I’m failing at this whole blogging my shoes thing, guys.  You’ve seen these before, too.  But, at least they’re cute enough to bear repeating.

So, you know how I feel about headbands.  I think they’re the greatest.  Well, really, I like them just fine, but I think men think they’re the greatest, and although I still don’t understand why, I’m going with it.

I also am a pretty big fan of rompers.  Yes, they’re a little inconvenient sometimes and are the number one reason women’s bathroom lines are always longer, but they’re cute and easy and a fun vintage look.

In my case, this romper really is vintage.  My sister lives with a lady in her 50s who was giving away some clothes, and somehow, I became the beneficiary.  I’m not complaining.
Jumpsuit and headbandReally, I think this outfit should be altered a little – I don’t typically wear my clothes so blousy.  But, the piece was free, and paying for alterations would take away some of the joy at having new free clothing.  So, blousy it will remain, for now, anyway.

  • Shoes: H&M
  • Headband: Forever 21 (?)
  • Bracelet – gift, originally from 31 Bits, another good cause organization that you should feel free to check out!

80 Days of Summer: Knock-off Keds

This weekend I had another date – this time, to a minor league baseball game.  Several thoughts on this: first of all, a baseball game is probably my perfect date.  Second of all, the weather on Saturday was custom-made for an evening at the ball park.  Third of all – what in the world was I supposed to wear?

I know what to wear on a first date.  I know what to wear to a baseball game.  I just wasn’t really sure what to wear on a first date to a baseball game.  How do you balance looking your cutest with coming across as cool and casual and like you didn’t try too hard?

Fortunately, I have a brother who is probably more skilled at fashion than I am – you may remember Silas from Menswear Mondays of yore.  I called him up and he talked me down from the ledge, and actually suggested I wear some Keds; I, of course, took his advice.
Thank you, Taylor Swift, for bringing back this childhood classic.  A note about my shoes – this is one example of where skimping on price can kinda bite you.  I think paying $40 or more for Keds – which we used to buy at K-Mart – is a little silly.  So, I got this pair at H&M for $12.  And I love the color.  But, the quality is lacking a little, as you can see by the way they dent in at my toes.  They’re the right size – just not sturdy enough to hold their shape.  Oh well.  I doubt my date noticed my dented toes.

Cuffed jeans are all the rage, so I paired them with my kicks for a casual look that would also be warm after the sun set, and then added a light-weight cardi and scarf that kept everything very feminine (because lavender jeans weren’t feminine enough for me, I guess).

So, how do you think I did?  Trying too hard, not trying hard enough, just right?  What would you wear to a baseball game first date?  Have you jumped on the Keds train again?  Let me hear from you!

Purple jeans, green shoes

Uniqlo cardigan

Mavi stretch jeans

Keds shoes


Inspired Looks: Liz

Today’s inspired look is by my fun friend Liz.  I don’t generally post about gym attire – mostly because mine is high school cheerleader shorts and an NFL t-shirt almost exclusively.

But when Liz sent me this picture, I realized it was perfect for an inspired look: gym edition!  Where do I start?  First of all, she’s wearing a Clemson shirt.  That alone warrants a blog post.  I love Clemson’s purple and orange colors.  Such a weird combination, but so fun regardless.

Second, if you’re familiar with Pinterest at all, you can tell that Liz took a big boring t-shirt and made it into this cute, fitted tank.  I tried that once.  Unsurprisingly, I failed abysmally.  She did a great job.

Lastly, her shoes.  I’m not sure if they’re purple and orange or blue and orange.  For the purpose of this blog, I’m going to assume the former and that they perfectly match her tank (and water bottle!)  Regardless, I love fun colored sneakers – they bring spice to an otherwise pretty plain scene.

So there you have it – Liz’s fantastic gym look.  I’m now inspired to get some cute gym clothes myself, or at least to retry that Pinterest thing.  Here goes nothing…


I’m not too proud to admit I work the same dress twice this week.   I am just proud enough, though, to give the disclaimer that I wore it around different groups of people so no one would judge me.

I found this dress on the clearance rack at Target for about $10.  A word about Target.  They have cute stuff.  I like shopping there.  But, I rarely find good deals.  I know people who routinely get shirts or skirts for $3 or $4.  I’m not one of those people.  To me, $17 for a shirt on clearance at Target is not a good deal.  Maybe if it were $17 from Bergdorf’s or something.  But not Target.

But this one time, I happened to find a great deal on this cute denim dress – those white dots, in case you can’t really tell, are stars.  It’s a perfect Fourth of July/whenever you feel like wearing stars dress.

In the first look, I kept it simple, wanting the colors to really do most of the hard work.  I’ve told you before how much I love green and purple together.  Lavender and mint are a pretty variation of that theme.  And I added star earrings just because sometimes I still feel like I’m in 8th grade.

In this next look, I kept with the semi-nautical theme I’ve been feeling lately and added a rope belt to my hot pink sweater.  I also mixed my stars by wearing the Star of David necklace my mom got me in Israel.  No rules.

Dress: Target
Cardigan 1: Old Navy
Cardigan 2: H&M
Knock-off Keds: H&M

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