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Bathed in Light

I’m having some photography issues guys (because, really, when am I not). I have been trying to be better about taking pictures of my outfits before I leave for work – you know, when I look fresh and have makeup on, instead of bedraggled and work-weary. But, the light and the heat are so harsh right now that as soon as I step outside, my lens completely fogs up, and I get pictures like this:

DSC_3783Flattering soft-focus sure, but not very conducive to actually showing my outfits.

So, if there are a lot more pictures in front of my much less picturesque front door over the next month or two, please don’t hold it against me. Fall will be here before we know it.

1 - maxi and lace topI think this look is pretty straightforward, so I won’t add much. But the maxi is one that I always forget about/am not in the mood to wear, but whenever I do, it’s SO COMFORTABLE. Seriously, it’s like I’m wearing sweats, but cute and office-appropriate.

What’s your most comfortable piece of clothing? Do you wear the life out of it, or like me, find it again and again as a pleasant surprise?

Blurred Lines

Continuing the dress theme from Monday is another one of my old faithfuls that I’m a little tired of.  Actually, it’s not really that old – I bought it in India, so just a little over a year ago.

But, it doesn’t really fit me THAT well (or doesn’t flatter me that much, might be more accurate), so I don’t wear it a lot.  I think the problem is the neckline.  Since I’m more top-heavy, things that have such a high neck tend to make me look suffocated and matronly.  Add in the cut of the sleeves, and it’s just not the best look for me.

But, this is a Top Shop dress, and I have so few name brand things, I don’t want to just get rid of it.  Plus, the pattern is cute.  So, I played around with the lines.

Adding the statement necklace helped break up the top, distracting the eye from how closed-up I look.  Normally I don’t wear a statement necklace with a patterned top – it can be too busy.  But, I needed something to break up the plane of my neck/chest.

Second, I put on a wide belt, which allowed me to control where the waist of the dress was (the actual dress waist isn’t at a very flattering spot on me).   The belt not only defines my waist, which helps give the appearance of an hour glass figure, instead of an apple…  But, by placing the belt a little higher, I’m also lengthening my legs, again distracting from how top-heavy I might otherwise look.

I’ll be honest – these shoes kinda weigh down the dress.  It’s probably better worn with some leg-elongating pumps.  But, they were new ($11 with the Target Cartwheel app, y’all.  I’m telling you, you need to get on that!), and I liked the idea of the lace-up edgy look with the also edgy tribal print.  So, I stuck with it, anyway.

1 - top shop dress, lace up wedgesWhat do you think of my creativity?  Does it sufficiently distract, or am I only fooling myself?  Also, and maybe more importantly, have you jumped on the Target Cartwheel app yet?!?  If so, let’s swap good deal stories!  There are few things I love so much as a good bargain.

Part of the Tribe

I am really into the tribal thing right now.  Some of the patterns are ugly, but for the most part, I like the statement a good tribal makes.  Really, with something so bold, the rest of the outfit can (and should) be pretty understated – aka easy to throw together.

Case in point, this outfit.  It’s probably one of the least accessorized outfits I’ve ever worn.  Pretty blouse, cute earrings, flat sandals with a touch of gold – done.  But, because the skirt is doing all the hard work, no one even pays attention to the fact that I’m not wearing a bracelet, necklace, belt, or any other statement piece (or to the fact that I have dark circles under my eyes…but that’s a different story).  The skirt demands all the attention and everything else is just a supporting character.

1 - tribal skirt, black topWhat do you think – does the skirt command enough attention or is something missing without my usual additional accessories?  How would you style this or another bold skirt?  Do you like the tribal trend, or avoid it like the plague?

Two-fer Tuesday: the Pink Belt

Y’all know I love a good belt.  There’s just something about that simple accessory that can really make an outfit go from just fine to totally put together.

Of course, belts are a little tricky.  The width of the belt, its position on the waist/hips, the waistline of the dress, all make for a game of trial and error.  My solution to this problem, obviously, is just to have dozens of belts.  Then there will almost always be one that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

In a lot of ways, wide belts have had their day in the sun and are being replaced by their more narrow counterparts (or no belt at all).  The long tunic with a wide belt around your hips, for example – a staple of my grad school wardrobe – is no longer en vogue.  But, with a couple trendier pieces, the wide belt can still make a statement and add a little interest (and variation to the lines – I’m all about lengthening my waist 2 inches).

So, here are two uses of one of my favorite wide belts.  I’ve worn both of these pieces multiple times with different belts/shoes/accessories (here’s a variation on the polka dots and one on the jumpsuit).  But, the pink allows me to play up different colors and create a completely new look (something that isn’t always easy with dresses and jumpsuits.  They kinda are what they are).

1 - polka dots and pinkMy cute little necklaces are from Ornaments for Orphans.  I’ve probably plugged them before, but you should totally buy from them and support their cause (after you’ve purchased everything Rahab’s Rope has for sale, of course.)

1 - jumpsuit, pink beltThis jumpsuit is super hard to photograph.  I promise it’s cuter in real life.  And the pink is really subtle – you can actually see it better in the shoe close-up, on the leg of the pant.  I like pulling out minor, unexpected colors to make an outfit more interesting.

How do you feel about belts?  A fashion staple or an unnecessary hassle?  Do you think my addition really made a difference, or was the mix and match too understated to be noticeable?  Let’s talk – I’ve missed y’all!

What to Wear: Country Festival

Boho friends, I need help! Or, really, anyone who’s ever been to a music festival, particularly a country one.  I’m going to Shaky Boots this weekend, a big country festival near Atlanta, and I literally have NO idea what to wear.

I’ve been to a billion country concerts, so I know what to wear to those.  But this is all day, and it’s going to be super hot.  Plus, I feel like a festival brings in another element of style expectations.  I want to look cute, but I’m also supposed to be casual and young, wild, and free, right?

Since I’m not really any of those things, I’m at a bit of a loss.  Here are a couple of outfits I wore recently that while not exactly right, might be on the right track.  Maybe.

In this first one, I like two things: shorts and the scarf headband.  Probably not these shorts or this scarf, but the concept works.

1 - shorts, scarf headbandIn this one, I’m in love with the skirt.  It’s got a tribal flavor which seems appropriate for a festival, but the fit and flare still match my personality.  Of course the scarf would not go with me; I’d like to not die of heat stroke.
1 - tribal print skirt, infinity scarfSo, what do you think?  Am I headed in the right direction or way off track?  What would you wear to a music festival?   Let me know soon; I’ve got less than 48 hours to pack, and at this rate, I’ll probably need every single one of those.  Thank you! xoxo

80 Days of Summer Shoes: Trendy Teal Toes

Most of the time, I’m pretty much the opposite of a hipster.  I don’t wear Toms or Warby Parkers – not because I don’t think they’re good causes.  Because they’re ugly (well, Toms are, anyway).  I like Top 40 radio and think it’s fun when people jump on the same bandwagons as me.

But, sometimes, finding a trend before it becomes a trend does make me feel a little high and mighty.  And these shoes did just that.

DSC_0252I bought these pretty teal heels from DSW a few years ago.  The next season, this look – the twisted satin knot – was EVERYWHERE – flats and heels alike.  And you’d really be surprised at just how many things this color goes with.  For a while, these were as much a staple in my closet as black shoes are to a normal person.

I like to think of myself as fashion forward.  It may not be true – but I like to think of myself that way.

Jumpsuit and green heelsIn this jumpsuit, I also like to think of myself as giving Marisa Tomei a run for her money…clearly, I just live in a world of delusion.
wpid-img_20140518_142013.jpgFashion Tip: Jumpsuits are like maxi dresses – not universally flattering, but if you’re willing to put in the patience and effort, you can definitely find one that works for you.  Pay attention to pattern and lines (where the waist hits, how the neckline sits, if the pants are cropped or wide leg), which together can make or break an outfit, even if it technically “fits”.

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