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A Valentine Reflection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Whether you’re madly in love, happily celebrated Galentine’s Day, or were a proud participant in Singles Awareness Day, I hope you had a great day.

Before we get to my Valentine’s Day outfit, some real talk.  Being single at 30 is not what I would have picked for myself.  They say if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.  Well, I don’t know if I ever explicitly told Him, but I’m pretty sure He was aware that I was supposed to meet someone my junior year of college, get engaged right after graduation, and then be married at 24 – that seemed like a very respectable timeline to me; not too quick, not too young.  Still plenty of child bearing years.

As you know, I didn’t even date in college, much less meet the love of my life.  Here I am, 6 years past my mental expiration date, and it seems like I’m no closer to marital bliss than when I was first entering college at 17 years old.  There are days that’s hard for me.  Really hard.  But there are other days when I can see God’s grace, even in the midst of a season I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen.  In those moments, I like to pause and think about how green the grass is on my own side of the fence, being grateful and content in all things. (Lest you think I’m super holy, let me assure you I’m writing this on a “good” day.)

One of the things I’m most grateful for is that in every phase of my life, I have always had lots of single friends.  Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t mean that in a “misery loves company” kind of way at all.  I’ve just been very appreciative to have people around me who are in similar positions of life.  I love my married friends, but their priorities are different – as they should be.  Plus, being a 3rd, 5th, or 7th wheel is really not fun. I know that single friends are a rare commodity in your late 20s-mid 30s, especially among Christian circles, so I don’t take it for granted that even when I feel alone, truly, I am not alone.

Valentine’s Day is often hard for people not in a committed relationship.  This year, though, it wasn’t even a little depressing for me because I had fun things to do with fun people.  There was no reason to feel sorry for myself.  Would I have loved to go on a romantic date with a beautiful man?  Of course.  Did I have a great time dressing up, getting sushi, and dancing with some of my girls?  Absolutely.

wpid-wp-1424049099150.jpegSo be encouraged by my good day post.  Whatever stage of life you’re in – married, single, family of 5 – appreciate the people God has placed in your life to encourage, uplift, and support you in your current season, and make the most of every day, not wasting one more moment in fruitless wallowing.

Then, grab some of those friends, dress up fancy and, in the emotionally, if not fiscally, wise words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, “Treat yo self.”

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Menswear Monday: Valentine’s Day

Happy Menswear Monday!  This post was supposed to be a Christmas one, but since my brother and I both got a little behind the 8-ball (he’s a senior finance major; I don’t know what my excuse is), this has become a Valentine’s Day post.   All’s well that ends well.
From Silas himself:

It is a new year for another five days (Editor’s note: I obviously got a bit delayed in posting this) and that means that New Years Resolutions still have a 78% adherence rate. So let’s set our resolve this year to dressing sharp as often as possible. The outfit I have pictured below is one from this year’s Christmas Eve service. I like to really dress up during the holidays and get as WASP-y as possible in hopes that I will somehow assimilate my way into living in New England and vacationing at the Hamptons. Even if that doesn’t work out for me, at least I will fail in style.

I chose to wear no tie and tasseled loafers instead of dress shoes and a tie because we live in rural South Carolina and frankly I didn’t want to be too “try hard” amongst the jean wearers. (No offense to those who wore jeans to Christmas Eve service; you were more comfortable than myself.) However if you live in a more upscale area, a bow tie with some wingtips would have looked really sharp for an occasion such as this.

Pants – Old Navy Slim Cut (I love the taper on Old Navy slim cut pants and they are pretty inexpensive)

Blazer – Thrifted/Tailored

Loafers – The one’s pictured were thrifted but I understand that’s not very helpful. A great alternative would be a Bass Weejun

OCBD – Bonobos (Great company, great fit, high price so I always buy on sale or with a discount code)

Socks – I wore plain navy socks but some cool argyle socks would have been appropriate as well.

SB again.  I think this is a perfect look for Christmas Eve, of course, but it goes great for a Valentine’s date, too.  It’s pulled together and sharp and looks like you care, but it won’t compete with your date’s dress (I’m assuming she’s going to wear a dress for Valentine’s day. Who wouldn’t?).  The red in the plaid hints at the color of the holiday without being over-the-top matchy-matchy.

Of course, I’m living vicariously through my brother – who actually has a Valentine date – and all of you who might legitimately use this advice this year.  Think of me while you’re on your fancy dates (or don’t – that might be awkward for the girl you’re with).  And, ladies, be on the look-out for a post later this week of what I WOULD wear, had I anywhere to go.

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