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No Chapeau

I wore the cutest outfit this weekend, guys. Purple leather jacket, gray pencil skirt, black booties, gray floppy hat. I was very Nashville (with a shot of me, because I can’t ever play it straight), and I got a million (well, like 3) compliments.

Unfortunately, I can’t document this look for you because try as I might, I cannot take a good picture in a hat! I don’t understand what happens. I think I look fine in the mirror; other people say I look cute. But as soon as I get behind a camera, I look like a 5 year old playing dress-up in my grandma’s closet. It’s a real problem.

So, alas, no floppy hat outfits today – or probably any day. I guess y’all are just going to have to come hang out with me IRL (we don’t actually say that anymore, right? I’m too old to know for sure.).

Instead, though, here is my new favorite dress. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a good floral, and this one is bright and cheery, but still bold enough to not look like I’m wearing faded curtains. Some people thought it was vintage; it’s not, but I think the length, cut, and pattern certainly give it that vibe. I paired it with my favorite red bow belt that I think is vintage (it’s almost a bow, right?), some navy pumps and neutral earrings to let the dress and belt steal the show, and I was good to go. Oh, and a coral bracelet. I’ve been into mixing shades of oranges and reds lately. We’ll see where this goes.

1-navy-floral-dressHow do you guys feel about hats – floppy or otherwise? Have you noticed the camera predicament, or is that just a me thing? Would you wear this floral? I’d love to hear from you!

Vintage Remix

I’m failing at this whole blogging my shoes thing, guys.  You’ve seen these before, too.  But, at least they’re cute enough to bear repeating.

So, you know how I feel about headbands.  I think they’re the greatest.  Well, really, I like them just fine, but I think men think they’re the greatest, and although I still don’t understand why, I’m going with it.

I also am a pretty big fan of rompers.  Yes, they’re a little inconvenient sometimes and are the number one reason women’s bathroom lines are always longer, but they’re cute and easy and a fun vintage look.

In my case, this romper really is vintage.  My sister lives with a lady in her 50s who was giving away some clothes, and somehow, I became the beneficiary.  I’m not complaining.
Jumpsuit and headbandReally, I think this outfit should be altered a little – I don’t typically wear my clothes so blousy.  But, the piece was free, and paying for alterations would take away some of the joy at having new free clothing.  So, blousy it will remain, for now, anyway.

  • Shoes: H&M
  • Headband: Forever 21 (?)
  • Bracelet – gift, originally from 31 Bits, another good cause organization that you should feel free to check out!

80 Days of Summer Shoes: Flip Flops?

First of all, I do want you to know that since the fourth of July, I have given myself another pedicure.  I’m sure you’re sick of this one, but we’ll cycle through all these pictures from the past month eventually and then you’ll see the one I have now, which is super cute.

DSC_0458Second of all, I don’t know if I’ve ever made it abundantly clear on my blog, but I really hate flip flops. I try not to be a fashion snob about most things, but I have to draw a line somewhere, and this is it.  Flip flops are the lazy man’s shoe, and with rare exception do they belong anywhere outside of the pool or locker room.

But, I am willing to concede that rare exception, provided the flip flops are cute (see glitter sandals above), the feet are in reasonably good condition (I inserted the word reasonably b/c I don’t really think mine are all that much to brag about), and the rest of the outfit warrants the casual footwear.

In my case, I was going for the ethereal, cool-girl look, so metallic flip flops both matched my jewelry and tank embellishments, but also maintained the casual vibe.  And, maxis are actually really hard to pair with shoes.  I’m short, so my skirts are often too long for flats.  But they look funny with heels (or just too dressy), so wedges are usually the way to go. Fortunately, this skirt belonged to my grandma who was tiny and wealthy enough to have her clothes tailored, so I could get away with the flat shoes.

1 - orange maxi, gold tank

How do you feel about flip-flops?  Am I being too hard on them, or do you mostly agree with my rules?

50 Shades of Purple

I love this dress so much.  It makes me feel like a sexy June Cleaver – sexy only because this is so much shorter than anything June would wear.  So, I put on some dark tights to try to pretend it wasn’t way too short for daytime wear.  I also kept my accessories in the same color family for simplicity.  The shoes are almost the exact shade of purple as the dress, and the earrings and bracelet are a similar shade of burgundy.  Besides pearls, even plastic, slightly different-colored ones, are the perfect compliment to this retro look. 

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW

What to Wear: Date Night

Happy Friday! It’s the weekend and it’s supposed to be a beautiful one, so that means it’s time for date nights!  Theoretically, anyway.  I’m not going on a date this weekend (consolation: my sister is coming to visit!), but I’m assuming some of you might be.

Were I going on a date this weekend, I might wear the outfit you see below.  In fact, I did wear this outfit on a date last year.  I know it’s weird to remember outfits from over a year ago, but I do it all the time.  Some people have memories associated with emotions or scents…I have them with clothing.

I’ll give you two guesses where my dress is from, and the first one doesn’t count.   (If you didn’t guess Forever 21, please go back and review everything I’ve ever written.)  I bought it last year when mint green was on the horizon – before it overtook the mall.   This dress actually makes me think a little bit of June Cleaver, too; it’s silhouette is vintage-inspired.  But, if my polka-dot dress from last week was June’s evening out dress, then this is her house dress.  Since no one wears house dresses anymore, I can get away with it on an evening out.

On my date, I wore different shoes – mostly because I didn’t own these yet, but also because I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing after dinner, and I didn’t want to be the girl at the mini-golf place in stilettos (we didn’t mini-golf, after all).  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it was a lovely date – one of the best first dates I’ve been on.  He was sweet and respectful, took me to a nice (but not too nice) restaurant, and then we walked on the boardwalk for a while.  He also looked like a Manning brother, which automatically gave him about 1,000 points in my book.  Alas, we had very little chemistry, and since I was out of town the next weekend, it faded before we had a chance to go on a second outing.  Too bad, since I now think of him every time I wear this dress.  At least it’s a pleasant memory.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Macy’s
Belt: Body Central (because I couldn’t find the one that came with the dress)
Jewelry: Who knows. 

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