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The Great Debate: Solved

I know you’re all dying to know about my secret life as a star of the silver screen (aka an extra…aka “background”).  However, I’m not allowed to talk about it. I could probably get away with talking about the details that were posted on facebook (i.e., wardrobe requirements), but I’ll just save all that for when the show actually airs.  So, stay tuned until probably some time in March!

In the meantime, here is an outfit which will never make it to television… But, it was cute enough for running around town in Georgia.

I don’t know why my camera stops focusing sometimes. Whenever that happens, it gets stuck that way for a while, and I don’t know how to fix it.  But, no matter.  I like the soft focus anyway – imperfections erased!

I read something recently that said leggings ARE pants, and I was afraid that once again, my age had caught up with me and the world had changed for the worse.  But, then I got my wardrobe requirements for Nashville, and the costumers said, and I quote, “LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS”.  Now that I am vindicated, and since they are not pants, I added this slip dress under my tunic sweater and was all set.
1 - turquoise and polka dot leggingsHave I finally convinced all of you leggings-lovers of the truth, now that I have professionals backing me up, or are there still some holdouts?  Let the debate rage!

Oh, P.S. – I’m working with a friend/super smart guy to develop an app for my blog.  Would you all use that?  Right now, our rough brainstorming of features would include a way for you to submit outfits for my comments, a blog feed/notifications of new posts, links to social media, our own discussion board-ish thing…and other goodies TBD.

What do you think?  I think it could be super fun and exciting, but I want to know if you agree. Yay, nay, or suggestions for features?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

TBT: Crop It All Off

In case you live under a rock, yesterday was Back to the Future day, so there was a lot of flashing back to the 1980s, as well as flashing to the “present” when we are supposed to be wearing much more metal and headgear.

Well, today, I’m flashing back to a kinder, gentler, warmer time myself – about 3 months ago. I don’t know why the picture is blurry, but I kinda like blurry pictures of me – imperfections instantly hidden!

Cropped pants, cropped top, wedges, ponytail…really, this outfit is about as summer-night as it gets. I hardly ever wear these earrings because each one weighs approximately 2.5 pounds, but they were the perfect color, texture, and size to complement my beaded tank, which has way too much going on to allow for a necklace.
1 - capris, beaded tankDid you celebrate Back to the Future day?  Are you sad we haven’t yet reached the fashion pinnacles portrayed in the movie’s 2015, or are you comfortable with the current progression of style?

American Fall

Yesterday, we talked about my Rue 21 finds, and here’s another that I just couldn’t pass up.  Actually, I almost did miss this one and was about to put the other items back (I have this thing sometimes when I’m shopping that if I don’t REALLY want it, I’m too lazy to stand in line, even if said items are only $3 and $5 respectively).  But, as I was walking to the racks to put those items away, I came across this cardigan which was just too perfect to pass up, even with a steep $11 price tag.

So, I gathered my other clothes again, waited in line, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the tag was wrong, and this adorable baby was only $3 too!  My high-waisted button shorts (buttons not pictured) were also from that magical shopping day ($5), and of course, my Sam Moon America necklace perfected the ensemble.  With my over-the-knee boots, I was ready for a fall evening that really felt more like summer.
1 - American flag cardiganWhat do you think of this patriotic look?  Or boots with shorts?  I’m a fan of that trend, but it can look tacky if not done properly.  Have you tried it yet?

Totally Tan

Today’s Instagram style challenge prompt was Totally Tan, and this one did make me think a little.  Tan is not a color I wear often (mostly because I think it’s pretty boring…), but I did manage to find some khaki shorts and seersucker (both of which have very limited lives left this year), and pulled together a look that didn’t bore me after all.  (Also, sorry about the t-shirt, guys.  At least you were warned!)

1 - Totally TanI’ve noticed I’ve been wearing flats a lot more lately.  I think this is a summer thing – when I’m wearing shorts to work (or for running around), I don’t really like to OVER-emphasize my legs with heels.  Plus, I work in a more casual environment, as you know, and sometimes I get teased for my heels.  So, I just wanted to assure you that I still love them, in case you were getting worried.  Heels will always be my first love in footwear.  Well, maybe 2nd to bows.

Tailgates & Team Colors

It’s that time again, y’all!  You know this is my favorite season of the year: football season!

While this prompt makes me think more of college, I’ve always been an NFL girl, and my love for the Indianapolis Colts runs deep.

A few days ago, I had my fantasy football draft.  Most everyone else in the league is from Rhode Island, so I got to skype in.  I could have worn whatever I wanted, of course.  I chose to wear my team colors – no time like the present!  And since it isn’t often anymore that I get to wear my Peyton jersey (it’s been mostly retired in favor of Andrew Luck), I thought it appropriate to pull out for this occasion.

Again, I tried the arm party thing…I feel like I’m getting closer. And added a long tank under the jersey to make me look a little more feminine/like I have any shape at all.

1 - tailgates and team colorsAre you excited for the start of football season?  If so, who’s your team (any level is fine!), and what are their colors?  If they’re not your favorite colors, have you figured out a way to incorporate them, anyway? (I way lucked out with blue and white.)  Let’s talk football…or the fashion of being a football fan.  Either way.

And be sure to follow me on Instagram for this weekend’s style challenge prompts.  Can’t wait to connect!

Saturday Chic

Y’all, I’m so tired as I’m writing this, I barely can put words together, much less make them creative.  Fortunately, I put this outfit together on a day when I was (slightly) less tired, and I think it’s cute.  I was going for casual chic, as I headed to Joyce Meyer on a Saturday morning.  The lace shorts dress up the outfit a little, the preppy polka-dot button down keeps it grounded, and the black and white shoes are just fun.

Part of me thinks I look like a mom in this outfit, but I’m sure it’s at least a cool mom, right?

1 - lace shorts, polka dot shirtWhat’s your Saturday morning routine?  Do you have a uniform or is it mostly just whatever the situation dictates?  What do you think of mixing polka dots and lace?  Also, have you been getting enough sleep lately, and if so, could you send some my way?  Much love.

Two-fer Tuesday: Polka Dot Scarf

Today’s two-fer Tuesday looks are pretty similar: same scarf, same shoes, shorts… But, I like to think they still give completely different impressions.  And if not, whatever.  It’s a new scarf and I really like it!

In the first look, I dressed up my outfit a little with my sparkly blouse and earrings.  But, I was meeting some friends for dinner and didn’t want to look too overdone.  So, I threw on some navy shorts (blues are usually pretty easy to pair together and I didn’t want anything to compete with the scarf), and my cute, but super-hard-to-walk-in striped wedges (polka dots and stripes are my favorite pattern combination), and I was ready to go.
1 - polka dot scarf and navy shortsOutfit two was for a very casual, last-minute first date.  I had also just bought this yellow tee (Dave Ramsey is not happy with me these days), and I love cornflower blue and yellow together.  So, with the help of some white shorts (enough color was already happening), and my now go-to uncomfortable wedges, I was all set.
1 - mustard tee, polka dot scarfWhich of these versions is your favorite?  If you saw me wear these two just a few days apart would you judge me, or are they different enough to make it acceptable?  And isn’t this scarf really just the cutest?  I mean, I need another scarf like I need Georgia to get hotter this summer…but c’mon.  It’s so adorable!

Working in Neon

Sometimes, the only way to know if an outfit will work is to try it.  Sometimes, it works out great.  Sometimes…it does not.

I actually really like this outfit.  The neon, stone-washed denim, and studded belt give it a cool 80s vibe without looking costume-y.  What I didn’t realize, though, was how uncomfortable I would be wearing it to work.  A sure sign that something isn’t quite right is when you have to keep tugging on it…and tug on this dress I did – all day.

Of course, I’d rather not make these mistakes to begin with.  It’d be much better to realize before I walked out the door (or was running so late, I didn’t have time to change – a more common scenario) that my outfit just didn’t work for the occasion.  But, experience is a great teacher, and at least I got a good non-work outfit out of the deal.

1 - neon dress, denim jacketHave you ever tried out an outfit, only to realize a little too late that it just didn’t quite work for the situation (or in general)?  Or have you had the opposite, much more pleasant experience of being unsure of a new outfit experiment, only to be greeted with rave reviews?  Let’s swap stories!

One-fer Tuesday

Well, I feel a little bit like a failure.  I tried really hard to find two matching outfits I could post for Two-fer Tuesday, and I had nothing in my reserves.  Not even a duplicate pair of earrings, which is really quite shocking as I tend to get in ruts with my jewelry and wear the same things over and over for weeks.

So, alas, here is simply one recent favorite outfit.  I will say this, though – my shoes don’t exactly match.  And I really love that.  While there is pink in my dress, it’s a different shade than the neon on my feet.  For the girl who used to wear head-to-toe yellow like she was a Pentecostal church lady, this was a lesson that took a while to learn.  But, the hot pink really matched the tone of the dress, and since it didn’t clash with anything – and was a good distance from any colors to which it might be compared – it was safe to mix the two shades.  Do it with confidence, and almost anything will work.  Almost.

1 - tribal print, pink shoesP.S.  My awesome sparkly earrings are from Sam Moon, my latest accessories obsession.  Don’t shop there if you want to shop ethically – everything is from China. Definitely not fair trade.  But, if you’re a sucker for cheap jewelry…your mind is about to be blown!

I’m Single Because:

Have you seen that Elite Daily article floating around social media?  17 Reasons I’m Single, or something like that.  I’ve probably read it at some point, but I don’t really need an article to tell me why I’m single.  I know.  And in just a few minutes, you will, too.

I went on a lunch date earlier this week, and here are the things I liked about it:

1) Lunch is super non-committal and something to look forward to during the day.

2) We met online (it was kind of an accident; I’m in one of my online dating sabbaticals), but he didn’t ask for my last name or press for where I worked.  I could revel in my pretend anonymity.

3) He was very sweet and even prayed over our meal.

Here are the things I did not like about it:

1) It was boring.

I realized almost immediately that this guy and I were not going to work out. (In case he ever reads this, which I hope does not happen because he really was kind to me, let me clarify that there was nothing wrong with him.  It just wasn’t a good match.)

Unfortunately, Jon (not his real name, duh) didn’t realize the same thing.  He wanted a second date, and after much debate as to whether or not it’s kinder to go on a second date in the name of giving it the ol’ college try or to cut the losses from the beginning, I declined.  But, I’ve been reflecting on why our feelings were apparently so different, and I’ve come to this conclusion:

He liked me because I was myself with him. 

I was myself with him because I did not like him.

All you married people out there may not relate to this, but if you can think WAY back to those awkward dating years, maybe you’ll recall the nerves of meeting someone new and the stress of trying to think of things to say.  I rarely am at a loss for words, but put me around a guy that I’m interested in, and suddenly I can’t think of a single thing.  Usually, this leads to me rambling about myself and other inane topics, just to fill the silence.  I’ve even been known to start talking about past dates – not because I want to, but because I get nervous and like a runaway train, I cannot stop myself.  With one guy I really liked, I actually made a list of questions and pulled it out on our dates, since otherwise my mind went blank, leaving the runaway train to do what it does best – plow through all boundaries and good sense, taking my dignity with it.

If I’m not interested, though, the poor guy gets friend zoned automatically, and then there’s no pressure. I can talk all day to a friend about the weather, the NFL, why I don’t like professional basketball, my favorite places to travel and states I’ve lived in…you name it.  I can be charming and witty and friendly and inquisitive – all the things that I would LOVE to be, you know, when I actually like a guy.  It’s my tell – if I’m talking to you about interesting things, I’m not interested.  Poor Jon didn’t know how to read the signs.

So, that’s why I’m single, guys. I’ve wondered for 30 years, but one lunch date opened my eyes: I am still a 13 year old girl when it comes to talking to boys.  I want a nice bow to tie on this post – a moral to the story.  But, I do not have one.   I may quite possibly be doomed…but, at least I had a cute outfit!  (Another perk to a lunch date: you can wear whatever you want, dressed up or down, and blame it on coming straight from work.)

1 - lunch date striped dressWhat about you?  If you’re single, do you have a dead give-away that you’re not interested?  Those of you in relationships – were you awkward the first time you went out with your significant other, or am I the only one still trapped in middle school?  Also, do you have tips for not being awkward?  Because I could use some of those…

Let’s chat!

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