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Boots and Baubles

I’ve been trying to do this style challenge on Instagram, and y’all, it’s hard! I didn’t realize how much of my outfit choices are completely spontaneous. When I have to fit a certain prompt, I end up trying WAY TOO HARD, and it shows.

I’m still going to try to do it, but only when what I was planning to wear anyway matches up. So, this likely means I’ll be much more sporadic in it. Some people do like 5 challenges in one outfit. This blows my mind. I would probably end up on every worst dressed list in America (which, you know, is pretty hard to do if you’re not famous) if I even attempted that.

Today’s prompt, however, was pretty easy: Boots and Baubles. Now, I don’t wear true baubles often, but I do wear a lot of boots. And, I guess giant round earrings can count as baubles, right?

DSC_0058This was my attempt at an interesting pose. Clearly, I need to work on that.

I almost returned this poncho (or cape – there is some debate about the appropriate term) because it was $20. That’s not a lot, but I was expecting it to be $10, and I was annoyed on principle. But…I’m so glad I kept it because I’m obsessed! Who wouldn’t want to wear a wool blanket when it’s cold? And, it’s reversible!

1 - plaid poncho, white bootsI bought these boots in college for $30, which was a lot for me back then (let’s be honest, it still is – I like a good bargain). But, they were worth the investment, as over 10 years later, they’re still going strong! They may not be the most stylish toe, anymore, but they still work, and a good winter white boot is hard to find!

Do you have any items in your wardrobe that have more than given you your money’s worth? What are some of your favorite buys?

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The closer we get to Christmas, the more often I wear red and green (and usually gold) to any event that I possibly can. In this case: church.

I know I say this fairly often, but this is another one of those outfits that looked better in real life.  I blame it all on my photography skills.  Regardless, this is also one of those outfits my mom would say she didn’t understand because I’m wearing a tailored/conservative blouse with a “fancy” golden-sheen maxi and statement earrings.  But I love the high-low trend, and I’m going to ride it out as long as it’s acceptable (btw…I think high-low technically means mixing expensive and budget pieces. But, since everything I own is budget, and since I don’t really know what else to call this trend, I’m taking liberties with the “high-low” definition).
1 - Christmas church clothesThis will likely be my last post before Christmas, so I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a very merry Christmas! I’ll be back before the new year (theoretically…), so I’ll save my New Year’s wishes (and sequins) for a later date.  Love to all of you, and can’t wait to share our new sweater pictures!

Painting the Town Red

A couple weeks before Christmas, I took myself on a date to a Christmas concert.  I thought this would be fun – I love Christmas music, and no one judges you for going alone to an event at a church.

So, I got myself all dressed up, curled my hair around my headband (because I was going somewhere more interesting the next day, and needed time for the curls to set), sprayed on my new Dolce & Gabbana big girl perfume, and took myself out on the town.

Only the concert was actually really disappointing – so flat and emotionless.  So, then I thought about taking myself out for drinks but figured that was taking all of this a little too far, and decided instead to go put on pajamas and watch the Good Wife.  All’s well that ends well.

I did really like this outfit.  As we’ve talked about before, the monochromatic look is making a come-back and for some reason I can’t quite identify, I’m all about it.  With some red accents (including my beloved almost-ornaments necklace), some red lipstick, and eyeshadow that I included in this picture just because I thought it looked really cool, I was ready to go.

1 monochromatic ChristmasWhat do you think about the mono-chromatic look?  Are you all about the vanilla, or do you miss the neapolitan color blocking of a few years ago? Also, do you think I should always use ice cream metaphors in my writing, because I really like the direction this is heading.

  • Blouse: my granny’s closet
  • Shoes: Macy’s
  • Skirt: H&M
  • Belt: Wet Seal or somewhere like that
  • Headband: Rahab’s Rope


80 Days of Shoes: Swashbuckle

I wore these boots in yesterday’s post, but I was so busy with my scarf tutorial, I didn’t really highlight them.  And let me assure you – they deserve to be highlighted.
DSC_0995I bought these a few weeks ago from Clothes Mentor – a grown up’s Plato’s Closet.  They’d never been worn, and they’re from Aldo.  Originally, they would have been at least $80 – I got them for $18.  And they’re perfect.  Here’s another view:
DSC_0996I don’t know if you can tell in this picture, but these shoes are really high. Fortunately, though, because they are well-made, they’re not hard to walk in, despite their height.  Uncomfortable, yes.  Difficult to walk in, no.
1 - white dress, tan bootsHere’s another example of my white (or off-white) after Labor Day perspective.  I don’t really like putting clothes away for seasons, so I try to use them for at least three of the four.  Again, I need some more seasonally-appropriate pieces to keep me from looking out of place, so my boots, and the fall-colored necklace helped do that.

Do you keep your clothes out past season, or are you a strict put-them-away-once-the-weather-changes kind of person?

Shopping Cures the Blues

Being in the new girl in town can be fun sometimes, but only if you can actually interact with people to whom you are new.  Since that’s yet to happen here, I went to my happy place – the Mall of Georgia.

This mall was probably reason enough to move to Georgia.  It’s massive and wonderful.

I stocked up on several things (all on sale, of course), including the cute little tank I’m wearing above.  A bow of sequins?  If you know me at all, you know that was totally irresistible to me.  Plus, I’d been looking for some more cute tanks – they’re harder to find than you’d think.

The jacket I got at Target, another happy place, later that afternoon.  It’s soft and warm and will go with a million things.

And rounding out my shopping spree was a trip to my new favorite place for accessories – my job!  The Rahab’s Rope store really is cute, and I was eager to stock up, especially since most of my jewelry is currently packed away.

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday and was feeling pretty good about myself…until I walked to my car afterwards and saw the red lipstick smeared all over my chin.  Still not quite sure how that happened, but I suppose humble pie is good for anyone now and then.

  • Blazer: Target
  • Tank: Rue 21
  • Jeans: hand-me-down
  • Shoes: Payless
  • Earrings: Rahab’s Rope

The colors of the ocean

Ahh, we are slowly returning to normal temperatures.  The heat is still broken in my office, though, so I remain as bundled as possible, dreaming of warmer days and the beach.


One of the hardest things for me to leave behind in Virgina Beach was the ocean.  There’s nothing like a Sunday afternoon spent with good friends, junk food, the sun and waves.  I’m sure I’ll find a friend or two with a boat here and take advantage of Georgia’s many lakes – but it’s just not quite the same.

So, today, I reminisce with turquoise, (winter) white, and coral – beachy colors if I ever saw them!  The shirt underneath my cardigan is one of those open-in-the-back numbers that I’m never quite sure what to do with, so I was very happy to discover that my cardigan worked both color and style-wise.

Have a good weekend, everyone, and let’s pray that summer comes quickly this year!

  • Blouse: Body Central
  • Cardigan: H&M
  • Earrings: a thoughtful gift from Old Navy

Pajamas in Public

In case you haven’t stepped outside or looked at facebook, it’s cold outside.  Super cold.

So, today, I’m resurrecting an outfit I hadn’t yet blogged about, because there’s nothing like cold weather to make you just want to wear your pajamas all day.
A few weeks ago, I bought myself some pretty pajamas – a t-shirt and pants.  I planned to wear them as pajamas.  But, then when I tried them on, they kinda looked like real clothes, and I thought, I bet I can get away with this!  So, I did.  Or, at least I tried – you’ll have to be the judge.

To make the pants look as little like pajamas as possible, I dressed them up with a blazer, pearls, and heels.  What I didn’t plan on, though, was the pants loosening as the day went on – as cheap cotton tends to do.  The longer I wore them, the baggier they got and the more like PJs they looked.

I knew this was a one-shot deal.  When I washed the bottoms, they pilled and looked even more like pajamas.  But, it was a fun experiment for a day – one that is corroborated in InStyle magazine, I might add.

If you’d like to mimic this trend, I would encourage you to follow the instructions in InStyle’s article and avoid flannel.  Only a couple people called me out, but still; you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed – even if you did!

  • Pajamas – Forever21
  • Blazer – H&M
  • Heels – Ross (Nine West, I think?)

Winter Wonderland – the Remix

Yesterday, I showed you one look with my favorite could-be-mistaken-for-pajama-pants-but-they’re-not winter white pants.

Today, here they are again, reinvented. 

I really expected to get a lot more compliments on this outfit than I did, I’ll be honest.  It’s one of my favorites.  And usually, these shoes are the world’s favorites.  Maybe everyone was just busy that day.

Regardless, navy and coral is another one of my favorite color combos – it’s like a refreshing nautical twist.  I accessorized with gold again, including one of my favorite necklaces, an inexpensive find at Francesca’s Boutique.  The tank top is from H&M and the pinstripe blazer is high quality, so that probably means it was a gift from my mom. 

In my job, everyone dresses very professionally – usually in dark suits.  I hate dark suits.  This is a good alternative for those days when you do need to be professional but don’t need to look like you’re going to a funeral.  It’s also a great way to transition into spring, and as someone who is continually reminding herself that the groundhog did not see his shadow, I welcome any hints of spring, even if they are self-produced.

Winter Wonderland

I really like winter white. It’s so crisp and refreshing, and reminds me of snow (sometimes painfully, since I live in the South and rarely get to see it).

I’ve had these pants for several years now.  They’re a little too big on me, to be honest, and somewhat look like pajama pants (they’re not – I promise).  But, paired with the right things, they’re a great winter staple.

Navy (yes, that sweater is navy, believe it or not), is possibly my favorite neutral.  In my opinion, it’s both more interesting and more flattering than black.  I wanted to keep this outfit simple, maintaining the crisp effect, so I limited my colors to neutrals and accessorized with pretty golds.  The result was a very polished and classic look that was also comfortable and warm.

My sweater is from Old Navy, the scarf a gift from the friend, the shoes – I don’t remember, but they’re ridiculously hard to walk in, so you shouldn’t go look for them, anyway.  And the pants I’ve had for so long, I just can’t recall. 

Tomorrow, we’ll look at a completely different outfit based around these pants.  There’s nothing I like more than a good mix-and-match!

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