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80 Days of Summer: Mock-Croc

When I left my job at the law school, I was excited about a lot of the new opportunities in front of me, not the least of which (sadly) was that I could wear casual clothes to work.

While I do like having more options now for everyday wear, the novelty has worn off and part of me misses some of my professional looks. And the shoes. So, now and then, I wear them, anyway.
DSC_0603These brown mock-croc pumps are a professional wardrobe staple.  I forgot to take a picture of the heel, but they’re a sensible, yet cute, 2.5 inches.  So, naturally, I had to pair them with something a little less sensible: like brightly-colored jeans and a long, un-tucked floral blouse.
1 - floral shirt, coral jeansYesterday, I was reading InStyle magazine and there was an article about cuffing your jeans.  They recommended no straps (on your shoes), no cuffs; thin straps, thin cuffs, thick straps, thick cuffs.  I think this is a good rule of thumb, but as with almost every fashion rule, there are exceptions.  My (too-long for me, but they were a great deal) coral jeans are a perfect example, as the wide cuffs go just fine with my strapless pumps.

Also, sorry about my hair.  I apparently went through about a 10 day period when I didn’t feel the need to brush it.  So, I apologize in advance for the next few posts.  We’ll just chalk it up to my tribute to the return of grunge – it’s as close as this girl will ever get.

  • Blouse – Selah (some new cheapo mall store)
  • Jeans – JCrew sample sale in NYC (I will probably keep these jeans until the day I die just so I can keep telling people that’s where I got them)
  • Shoes: a gift, so not sure
  • Cuff: Rue 21
  • Yellow tank under blouse – Old Navy

80 Days of Summer Shoes: Trendy Teal Toes

Most of the time, I’m pretty much the opposite of a hipster.  I don’t wear Toms or Warby Parkers – not because I don’t think they’re good causes.  Because they’re ugly (well, Toms are, anyway).  I like Top 40 radio and think it’s fun when people jump on the same bandwagons as me.

But, sometimes, finding a trend before it becomes a trend does make me feel a little high and mighty.  And these shoes did just that.

DSC_0252I bought these pretty teal heels from DSW a few years ago.  The next season, this look – the twisted satin knot – was EVERYWHERE – flats and heels alike.  And you’d really be surprised at just how many things this color goes with.  For a while, these were as much a staple in my closet as black shoes are to a normal person.

I like to think of myself as fashion forward.  It may not be true – but I like to think of myself that way.

Jumpsuit and green heelsIn this jumpsuit, I also like to think of myself as giving Marisa Tomei a run for her money…clearly, I just live in a world of delusion.
wpid-img_20140518_142013.jpgFashion Tip: Jumpsuits are like maxi dresses – not universally flattering, but if you’re willing to put in the patience and effort, you can definitely find one that works for you.  Pay attention to pattern and lines (where the waist hits, how the neckline sits, if the pants are cropped or wide leg), which together can make or break an outfit, even if it technically “fits”.

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