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Tastefully Trendy Consulting is available for hire!

Can you answer yes to any of these statements?  If so, you might be a candidate for TTC!

  • You are tired of hearing “it’s the thought that counts” from your loved ones as you hand over a gift receipt.
  • You feel completely out of your element shopping for a picky wife/girlfriend/mom/sister/other female relative.
  • You hate malls.  Shopping gives you anxiety.
  • You are really busy and don’t have time to shop for a gift or for yourself.  (Or you are really lazy – no judgment.)
  • You have a special event (interview, party, big date, wedding, etc.) coming up and don’t know what to wear.

If any of those statements sound like you, first of all, know you are NOT alone!  I hear some version of one or more of those complaints on an almost weekly basis.  But, know also that I would love to help!  Whether it’s a one-time event, or an ongoing relationship, Tastefully Trendy Consulting will lift the burden off of your shoulders so you can focus on the things that are actually important to you – and let me focus on the things I love focusing on!

For more information and pricing, please email me at tastefullytrendyATgmail, and we’ll chat!

Gift certificates available!


  1. This is SO great!! I’m so glad you’re finally offering consulting. You are born to help those of us less-fashion-fortunate put our best foot forward.

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